Donate if you’d like to help support me and/or any of my causes, in addition to my ongoing efforts such as,,,, and my other projects in the works. If you’d like to advertise on one of my sites, well, considering how busy I am (and how poor I am), a donation (and follow it up with an email saying “hey, I’d like your attention”) might help me notice you and take you seriously. I get thousands of emails a day between my email addresses associated with my different domains/websites and projects, and most of it spam or not at all serious…so If you want to help or alternatively you are serious about advertising or involvement in one of my sites or projects, um, I mean, money does speak after all, and I am hoping for at least my commercial projects (such as to eventually turn a profit of some sort for all my years of effort on them…I am a normal struggling IT guy and not rich, so money speaks right now and would get someone or a company noticed…I’m just sayin! Thanks!






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I'm just a guy, getting by. At the most basic level on this - "The meaning of life is to give life meaning."

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