Hi, I’m Chris Swearingin, Editor-in-Chief of Computer Magazine (ComputerMagazine.com) and owner of the national Dating site MatchFinder.com. Visit me at my Personal & Daily Blog site – www.Swearingin.com, for more info about me!

I’m an IT Pro with over 25 years in the industry. I’m also a Technology Journalist (as well as lifelong tech geek/enthusiast) and I have multiple industry certifications including the MCSE (1998), and over the span of my career I have worked in key positions in the IT operations of multiple large/Fortune 500 companies in roles including Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, Analyst and Developer, as well as management and executive level positions as Network Manager and IT Director. I’ve also built and owned a chain of computer stores as well as a consulting company working in the IT Managed Services field. I build and manage Computing, Data and Communications Infrastructures, Networks and Business technology systems, in addition to being an active Web Developer and Webpreneur (Check out some of my sites such as ComputerMagazine.com, MatchFinder.com, 417Date.com, FindWork.com…). I’m always looking for professional opportunities, contributors, sponsors, advertisers and strategic partners. Thanks!

Chris Swearingin, Technologist

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I'm just a guy, getting by. At the most basic level on this - "The meaning of life is to give life meaning."

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