Swearingin Genealogy

Genealogy of my Last name/Surname/Clan name Swearingin, Swearingen, Swearengen, Van Swearingen, Van Swearingin, Von Swearingin, Schwerin, Swearing, Schwerinsburg, and the 100 other variations of the name (that get especially varied when traced back to the versions prior to the 1600’s in Holland and Germany). Let alone the common mispronunciations of “Swearinger” and “Swearington”…..


Most of what I have here is a dump of information I found on the internet generally from ’96 – 2001 time frame. It is mostly a direct copy and paste mess of articles or postings I found from every source that would come up in some Google search (well, Google wasn’t really around back then, but Excite, Altavista, Lycos, Infoseek, Dogpile, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) search engine searches. I’ve organized it somewhat. Unfortunately, I had Swearingin.com torn down and in a basic form for many years, and have recently looked through to find backup copies, and this is a copy of one of them I found, of just the Genealogy page I had, and it’s not even the most up to date one that I had back then…I probably had last updated it and better formatted it/organized it back in 2002, but this is an even earlier version, so even less readable or accurate than what I had later managed. When I find more recent files from back then, I’ll update this with that information.

It’s interesting to note that the earliest reference I have found to the Swearingin name stretches back to 1305 or so, a Knight with that last name. For the most part accurate information about the Swearingin lineage up to me and my children stretches back to about 1594, the generation that just precedes Garrett Van Swearingin, the one who came to America and for all intents and purposes would generally be regarded as the real forefather of the Swearingin clan during the modern historical ages, and in the Western world/America’s. It becomes unclear prior to him, for instance, is his father David or is his father Eric/Hendrick? From my research it seems likely that his father is Erick/Hendrick, while Eric’s father would be David, but this is where there are conflicting records/accounts and I really don’t know if anyone has any clarity on this. Prior to Eric and David, the trail seems to be stone cold, minus the aforementioned even earlier records, but they are spotty, with great gaps of time, and with huge variations in the name at that point as to begin to become unclear if it is even the same name or variation of it. Be that as it may, the following is the dump, in as chronological and organized manner as currently I have it. Christopher T. Swearingin June 18, 2013



Swearingin Facts



Paternal thread of our family line (tracing the name “Swearingin” itself back through the ages)……..



1) Ian Drake Swearingin (1998 – ) – (my son)
2) Christopher Todd Swearingin (1968 – ) – (me)
3) Charles Robert Swearingin (1928 – 2003 ) – (my father)
4) Clem Wendell Swearingin (1905 – 1976)
5) Robert D. Swearingin (1870 – 1937)
6) Clem M. Swearingin (1851 – ?)
7) Clement Russell SWEARINGEN (1805 – ?) (3rd son of Leonard & Mary [Cole], appears he changed the naming convention for all but one of his children from “en” to “in”. Many of them moved from KY to TX, crossing the Mississippi.)
8) Leonard SWEARINGEN (1765 – 1842)
9) Van SWEARINGEN (1746 – 1829)
10) John SWEARINGEN (1696 – 1767)
11) Thomas VAN SWEARINGEN (1665 – 1711) (“Thomas was the first in his family to drop the Van”)
12) Garrett VAN SWEARINGEN (1635/36 – 1698)
13) Eric Van Swearingen (1616 – ?) (or Hendrick (1614 – ?)
14) David Janse SWIERINGH (1594/1599 – ?) (This is also claimed to be the father of Garrett in some references, but it is my guess based on some references, that this was Eric/Hendrick’s father, and that Eric was the father of Garrett)

Notable other related Swearingin’s:

1) Marmaduke Swearingen (1763 – 1810)


PlacesNamed.com Says: “Swearingin” is the 53,935th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 86.539 [SourceCBN]


Father From – To Where Born Where Died Mother When /Where
Ian Drake Swearingin 8/17/98 – Arlington, TX        
Christopher Todd Swearingin 8/30/68 – Ft. Worth, TX     Ian Drake (8/17/98 – )
Charles Robert Swearingin 3/23/28 – Ladonia, TX   Jane Ella Bell    
Clem Wendell Swearingin 1/31/1905 – 9/1976 (71) Ft. Worth, TX Essie Mae Daniels RalphClem Wendell
(jr.?)Charles Robert (3/23/28 – )
Robert D. Swearingin 6/2/1870 – 3/4/1937 (66) ,Fannin, TX Ladonia, Fannin, TX Alice Elizabeth Carter (1/13/1873 TN – 1/30/1938
6/21/1889 – Bonham, Fannin, TX Clem Wendell (1/31/1905 – 9/1976)Jessie Belle (F) (5/22/1902 Ladonia – 9/5/61 Ft Worth)Sam (1901 – ?)Jewell (F) (7/1898 – ?)Jim (1895 – ?)Ether (F) (1893 – ?)? (M) (? – ?)? (M) (? – ?)? (M) (? – ?)
Clem M. Swearingin 1851 – ? (?) ,Greenup, KY , Fannin, TX Martha M. Biggerstaff (1852, MO – ?) 6/16/1869 – ,Fannin, TX J.I. (M) (1880 – ?)John (M) (1874 – ?)B. L. (M) (1872 – ?)Robert D. (6/2/1870 – 3/4/1937)
Clement Russell Swearingen 1/11/1805 – ? (?) ,, VA ? Nancy Prichard (1865 – ?) 9/26/1831 – ?, Greenup, KY Clem M. Swearingin (1851 – ?)Hellen H.
Swearingin (1849 – ?)J Swearingin (M) (1846 – ?)Nancy Henrietta Swearingen (3/29/1844 – 4/6/1927)Miller Swearingin (1839 – ?)William R. Swearingin (1836 – ?)
Leonard Swearingen 1/10/1765 – 1842 (77) , Frederick, MD Greenup, Greenup, KY (buried Argillite, Greenup,
Mary Cole (1769 – 1842) ? Jane (1813 – ?)John (11/21/1807 – ?)Samuel (2/22/1806 – 2/6/1878) (Died in Fannin, TX)Clement Russell (1/11/1805 – ?)Van (1795 – 3/31/1858)Lucy (1793 – ?)William Rufus (1788 – ?)
Van Swearingen 10/11/1746 – 10/11/1829 (83) Queen Ann Parish, Prince George’s, Maryland Bath County, VA Sarah Lockney (1829 – 1883)Martha Hundred (9/15/1746 – 1825)Martha HundredLucy Davis (1750 – ?) 10/14/1829 – , Bath Co, VA1765 – Maryland2/24/1757 – ?? William (1784 – 1860)John A. (10/17/1782 –
1850)Alexander (10/17/1782 – ?)Lucy (1780 – ?)Van (1778 – ?)Thomas (1776 – ?)Clement (1774 – ?)John (1772 – ?)Samuel (1771 – ?)Thomas (1770 – ?)Mary (1769 – ?)Leonard (1/10/1765 – 1842)
John Swearingen 1696 – 1767 (71) St. Mary’s, Somerset, MD Rockville, Montgomery, MD Mary Ray (1698, Prince George Co, , MD – ?) 2/9/1715 – Queen’s Parish, Prince George Co., MD Van (1746 – 1829)Kezia (F) (1740 – ?)Ann (1736/37 – ?)John (8/6/1735 – 10/7/1807)Catherine (1734 – ?)Samuel (1732 – 1820)Keziah (F) (1730/37 – ?)Thomas (9/23/1728 – 10/15/1794)Lydia (7/7/26 – 1798)Mary (8/29/1720 – 1805)Martha (1719 – ?)

Elisabeth (1716 – 1796)

Thomas Van Swearingen 1660/1665 – 3/19/1710 (45) St. Mary’s, Somerset, MD Somerset, Co., Md Jane Hyde Doyne (1660/68 , Somerset, MD –
6/1/1716 , Prince George’s, MD)
3/1687 – St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s, MD Lurannah (1704 – ?)Jane (1702 – ?)John (1696 – 1767)Van (1692/95 – 1785/1801)
(“Maryland Van” Swearingen ???)Samuel (1692 – 7/1795)Thomas (1688 – 4/12/1726)Jane Van Swearingen (1680/86 – ?)
Garrett Van Swearingen 2/4/1636 – 2/4/1698 (62) Beemsterdam, United Netherland, , Holland St. Mary’s, Somerset, MD Mary SmithBarbarah De Barrette (1639,
Valenciennes, France – 1675, St. Mary’s)
10/5/1676 – ?3/1/1659 – New Castle, New
Castle, DE
Ann (1677 – ?)Dorothy (1675 – ?)Theresa (1673 – ?)Eleanor (1671 – ?)Charles (1669 – ?)Joseph (1667 – ?)Thomas (1665 – 1710)Zacharis (1663 – 3/1711)Elizabeth (1660 – 1736) 


Eric Van Swearingen (Hendrick?) 1616/1614 – ? (?) , Holland ? (Mrs. Eric Van Swearingen) (1616, Holland, – ?) 1635 – Holland Garrett (1636 – 1698)Mary (1634,
Netherlands – ?)Albert (1620, Netherlands – ?)
David Janse SWIERINGH 1594 – ? (?) , , , Netherlands ? Hester Jacobs (1598 , Netherlands – ?)





1) Arlington, Tarrant County, TX
2) Ft Worth, Tarrant County, TX (1935?)
3) Ladonia, Fannin County, TX (sometime before June 1869)
4) Greenup, Greenup, Ky / Argillite, Greenup, Kentucky (1830’s ?) (prior to 1842)
5) Bath County, Virginia (1820’s ?) (before 1829)
6) Queen Ann Parish, Prince George’s, Maryland (prior to 1746) / Frederick, MD (prior to 1765)
7) St Mary’s, Somerset, Md (1665) / Rockville, Montgomery, MD (prior to 1767)
8) New Amstel (Amstgel) (now New Castle) Delaware (1657) (was Fort Casimir)
9) New Amsterdam (New York City) (April 21, 1656)
10) Reenstwerdam, Holland / Remsterdam, Holland / Reenterswan, Holland (Amsterdam?)
11) Beemsterdam, United netherland, Holland (prior to 1594)




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It appears (doing a search on the internet for “Swearingin”, that most Swearingin’s (note spelling of “in” not “en”) now live in (in approximate order of greatest population to lowest):

MO (55), TX (36), OK (12), IL (9), AZ (7), IN (7), TN (6), CA (6), OR (6),

See Chart below of distribution

Current (9/19/01)
SwearingIN/SwearingENby US States (according to Yahoo
People Search –

of 193 SwearingIN listed in the US
AL Alabama – 1/40 MT Montana – 0/11
AK Alaska – 5/10 NE Nebraska – 1/32
AZ Arizona – 7/41 NV Nevada – o/11
AR Arkansas – 5/45 NH New Hampshire – 2/2
CA California – 6/200+ NJ New Jersey – 0/20
CO Colorado – 0/55 NM New Mexico – 1/19
CT Connecticut – 1/7 NY New York – 1/37
DE Delaware – 0/4 NC North Carolina – 1/41
FL Florida – 5/200+ ND North Dakota – 0/7
GA Georgia – 4/104 OH Ohio – 4/187
HI Hawaii – 0/4 OK Oklahoma – 12/71
ID Idaho – 0/36 OR Oregon – 6/107
IL Illinois – 9/200+ PA Pennsylvania – 1/66
IN Indiana – 7/90 RI Rhode Island – 0/3
IA Iowa – 2/48 SC South Carolina – 1/75
KS Kansas – 0/86 SD South Dakota – 0/12
KY Kentucky – 2/51 TN Tennessee – 6/71
LA Louisiana – 4/47 TX Texas – 36/200+
ME Maine – 0/6 UT Utah – 0/10
MD Maryland – 1/25 VT Vermont – 0/2
MA Massachusetts – 0/10 VA Virginia – 1/44
MI Michigan – 0/27 WA Washington – 1/76
MN Minnesota – 0/57 WV West Virginia – 0/52
MS Mississippi – 1/31 WI Wisconsin – 0/51
MO Missouri – 55/130 WY Wyoming – 1/8

Ian Drake Swearingin
Born 8/17/1998 Arlington, TX

Christopher Todd Swearingin
Born 8/30/68 Ft Worth, TX

Charles Robert Swearingin
Born 3/23/1928 Ladonia, Fannin, TX

SSN 451-09-6713 Residence: 76103 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
Born 31 Jan 1905 Last Benefit:
Died Sep 1976 Issued: TX (Before 1951)

***Married Essie Mae Daniels (her father was Charlie W. Daniels)

***RD Swearingin was his father

Husband’s Name

(AFN:1Q99-8PF) Pedigree

Born: 2 Jun 1870 Place: , Fannin, Tx
Died: 4 Mar 1937 Place: Ladonia, Fannin, Tx
Married: 21 Jun 1889 Place: Bonham, Fannin, Tx

Father: Clem M. SWEARINGIN (AFN:CD6X-N4) Family
Mother: Martha M. BIGGERSTAFF (AFN:3SPP-9C)


Wife’s Name
Alice Elizabeth CARTER (AFN:1Q99-8B5) Pedigree

Born: 13 Jan 1873 Place: , , Tn
Died: 30 Jan 1938 Place: Ladonia, Fannin, Tx
Married: 21 Jun 1889 Place: Bonham, Fannin, Tx


Sex: M

Birth: Jun 1870
Fannin, Texas

Father: Clem M. SWEARINGIN
Mother: Martha M. BIGGERSTAFF


Source Information:


Film Number: 2034561
Page Number:
Reference Number:

Clem M. SWEARINGIN (AFN: CD6X-N4) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 1851
, Greenup, Ky
, Fannin, Tx


Father: Clement Russell SWEARINGEN (AFN: BBQL-F1) Family
Mother: Nancy PRICHARD (AFN: BBQL-G6)


Spouse: Martha M. BIGGERSTAFF (AFN: 3SPP-9C) Family
Marriage: 16 Jun 1869
, Fannin, Tx

Clement Russell SWEARINGEN (AFN: BBQL-F1) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 1805
, , Va


Father: Leonard SWEARINGEN (AFN: Q6TF-QB) Family
Mother: Mary COLE (AFN: TD06-6J)


Spouse: Nancy PRICHARD (AFN: BBQL-G6) Family
Marriage: 26 Sep 1831
, Greenup, Ky


Clement Russell SWEARINGEN (AFN: BBQL-F1) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 1805
, , Va


Father: Leonard SWEARINGEN (AFN: Q6TF-QB) Family
Mother: Mary COLE (AFN: TD06-6J)


Spouse: Nancy PRICHARD (AFN: BBQL-G6) Family
Marriage: 26 Sep 1831
, Greenup, Ky

**I’m assuming Clement Russell Swearingen came to Texas, though I haven’t found any references of that yet. However, I do find that his Brother Samuel Swearingen died in Fannin, TX in 1878, so I am guessing they came together from Virginia (all of his siblings were born in Bath (?), VA or West Virginia or in Greenup, KY.

Leonard SWEARINGEN (AFN: Q6TF-QB) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 10 Jan 1765
, Frederick, Md
Death: 1842
Greenup, Greenup, Kentucky
Argillite, Greenup, Kentucky


Father: Van SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25LW-XS) Family
Mother: Martha HUNDRED (AFN: Q6TF-P5)


Spouse: Mary COLE (AFN: TD06-6J) Family

Van SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25LW-XS) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 11 Oct 1746
Queen Ann Parish, Prince George’s, Maryland
Death: 11 Oct 1829
Bath County, Virginia


Father: John SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25LV-87) Family
Mother: Mary RAY (AFN: 25LV-9D)


Spouse: Martha HUNDRED (AFN: Q6TF-P5) Family
Marriage: Abt 1765

Spouse: Sarah LOCKNEY (AFN: Q6TK-D5) Family
Marriage: 14 Oct 1829
, Bath Co, Va

Spouse: Martha HUNDRED (AFN: 20B0-XH1) Family
Marriage: 24 Feb 1757

Spouse: Lucy DAVIS (AFN: 20B0-XGS) Family



[T164] Estate probated by 23 Mar 1778, Yohogania and Ohio Counties, Joseph w as Exec in
both counties, Isaac Williams l of 3 appraisers of Yohogania part. N o record he
ever married or had children. Killed by Indians at Ft. Henry, Wheelin g, WVA.

[T165] Will, Adams Co, MS of brother Nathaniel naming her as ‘Lucy Baker, wi dow of Joshua,” (Capt Joshua Baker is mentioned in Draper Papers; Sam uel Girty said Nat Tumbleson’s sister, Baker and children were in Nat chez. No date)
History of Washington County PA, page 66-67-68-69 describes the Chie f Logan massacre which reportedly occured at the Joshua Baker cabin o n Baker Flats.In Mayer’s “Logan and Cresap” the following account i s given: “Early in the morning a party of eight Indians, composed o f three squaws, a child, and four unarmed men, one of whom was Logan’ s brother crossed the river to Baker’s cabin, where all but Logans’ s brother obtained liqour and became excessively drunk. No whites ex cept Baker and two of his companions appeared in the cabin. After som e time Logan’s relative took down a coat and hat belonging to Baker’ s brother-in-law, and putting them on, set his arms akimbo, strutte d about the apartment, and at length coming up to one of the men addr essed him with the most offensive epithets and attempted to strike hi m. The white man–Sappington–who was thus assailed by language an d gesture for some time kept out of his way, but becoming irritated , siezed his gun and shot the Indian as he was rushing to the door, s till clad in the coat and hat. The men who during the whole of this s cene had remained hidden, now poured forth, and without parley slaugh tered the whole Indian party except the child.- -“. This group was re fered to as the “Greathouse Party” in another account of this event . Quote from Wither’s Chronicles of Border Warefare p.149 Comments b y Reuben G. Thwaithes “The date of this event was well established a s 30 April. Withers is altogether too lenient, in his treatment of th e whites engaged in this wretched massacre. Logan, encamped at the mo uth of Yellow River, on the Ohio side, was a peaceful, inoffensive In dian, against whom no man harbored a suspicion; he was made a victi m of race hatred, in a time of great popular excitement. Joshua Bake r who kept a low grog shop tavern and had been recently warned not t o sell more liquor to Indians. Daniel Greathouse lived in the vicinit y–a cruel, bloodthirsty fellow–who served Connolly as a local agen t in formenting hatred of Indians…” The story was confirmed by Eben ezer Zane, Col. Van Swearingen, Benjamin Tomlinson and others.

[T175] Last Will Benjamin Tomlinson; DAR;Draper ms George Rogers Clark Paper s 13J16;
Last Will and Testament John Stull, Frederick Co.MD 17 Apr 1749.
Accounts of the Chief Logan massacre in 1774 refer to Benjamin as wel l as the
Joshua Baker family, his brother-in-law by Lucy. Also mentions Danie l Greathouse assumed to be relative of Rachel.
Material furnished also by Phyllis Dye Slater, Paul White and Sally R yan
Tomlinson. Benjamin was a Jeffersonian Republican, elected nine time s to the
General Assembly. It is said that Benjamin and his brother Jesse ha d a
dissagreement-probably political–and never spoke to one another agai n. Jesse
was a Federalist.


T648] !Death:John emigrated to Washington County, PA and there he built a f ort and
owned l,000 acres of land. He was a slave holder. Will Book l:19-20,2 5, Fayette
County, PA.dated 3 Aug 1784.
!Marriage: Ralph Coleman, Descendant.
“Swearingen’s Fort” was in Springhill Township, Fayette County, PA.ne ar the
crossroad from Cheat River towards Brownsville. It derived its nam e from John
Swearingen, who owned the land on which it stood, or from his son, la ter
sheriff of Washington County, a captain in the Revolutiona and in th e frontier
wars, and whose nephew of the same name fell at St. Clair’s defeat. T he fort
was on 468 acres of Catherine’s land, surveyed April l7th, 1786, no t more than
one mile from Morris’ Cross Roads. It stood on a knoll. The spot ca n be
pointed our definitely. Duke Swearingen was captured near here by Ind ians while
fetching the cows. He never returned. Quoted from Email letter from
jrunyon@mdhdqmain.er.usgs.gov Reference GNIS (Graphic Names Informati on System)
The fort was recently marked by the erection of a metal tablet, when a
descendant of John Swearingen, Judge John C. Van Swearingen made an
address.” Jenny Runyon. via Kathryn Bassett 1996
Birth: Chris Bailey – I had Feb, 1721.


[T613] !Abt 1720 “Maryland Van”Swearingen took up lands in Washington County , MD,
afterwords found to be covered by a prior grant–Ringgold’s Manor. A s he had
made improvements he leased the land for his own life and that of hi s two sons,
and it was held by them for eighty-nine years.

John SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25LV-87) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 1696
St Mary’s, Somerset, Md.
Death: 1767
Rockville, Montgomery, Md
Burial: Abt 1767
Rockville, Montgomery, Md


Father: Thomas VAN SWEARINGEN (AFN: 3Z9D-RM) Family
Mother: Jane DOYNE (AFN: 25M2-35)


Spouse: Mary RAY (AFN: 25LV-9D) Family
Marriage: 9 Feb 1715
Queen’s Parish, Prince George Co., Md

Visit Swearingen.Org for another branch off of John

Thomas VAN SWEARINGEN (AFN: 3Z9D-RM) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: 1660/1665
St. Mary’s, Somerset, Md
Death: 19 Mar 1710
Somerset, Co., Md
Burial: 1711


Father: Garrett VAN SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25M2-4B) Family
Mother: Barbarah De BARRETTE (AFN: 3Z9D-JF)

Father: Garrette SWERINGN (AFN: 1851-F7W) Family
Mother: Barbarah DE BARRETTE (AFN: 1851-F84)


Spouse: Jane DOYNE (AFN: 25M2-35) Family
Marriage: Mar 1687
St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s, Md

Spouse: Jane DOYNE (AFN: 21LC-LD3) Family

2. Thomas2 SWEARINGEN (Gerret Van1 SWERINGEN) was born in (probably) St. Marys. Maryland CA 1665. Thomas died 1710 in Somerset County, Md, at 45 years of age.

He married Jane. Thomas lived in Somerset County, Maryland where he died in 1710 and where he owned land. He left four sons, Thomas, Van, Samuel and John, named in his will.

Thomas SWEARINGEN and Jane had the following child:

+ 3 i. Van3 SWEARINGEN was born CA 1692.

Husband: Thomas Swearingen
Born: ABT. 1665 at: St. Mary’s, Maryland
Married: 11 MAR 1685/86 at: Somerset County, MD
Died: BEF. 9 MAR 1710/11at: Prince George’s County, MD
Father:Gerret Van Swearingen
Mother:Barbara DeBarrette
Other Spouses:
Wife: Jane Hyde Doyne
Born: 1660 at: Delaware
Died: 1 JUN 1716 at: Prince George’s County, MD
Father:Joshua Doyne
Mother:Jane Sanders
Other Spouses:
Name: Maryland Van Swearingen
Born: ABT. 1694 at: Prince George’s County, MD
Married: 14 FEB 1713/14 at: St. Barnabas Church, Prince George’s Co, MD
Died: AFT. 1784 at: Ringgold, Alexandria County, MD (now D.C.)
Spouses: Elizabeth Walker

Name: Samuel Van Swearingen
Born: ABT. 1700 at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: ?



Abstract of will of Thomas, July 29, 1709/ March 9, 1711: Elder son Thomas and his hiers, plantation, 100 acres where he now lives; son Van and heirs 100 a., residue of said tract; son Samuel and heirs, dwelling plantation and land at death of his mother. If either Samuel or Van dies, his part to go to young brother John; else he to have personalty at majority; wife Jane,extrs,all personal estate. Witness:Ralph Wilson, Paul Brodford,Richard But(t).

Thomas was the first Vanswearingen to drop the “Van” and change the spelling of surname.[Ray-Piper99.FTW]



…..(to Thomas, his eldest) that plantation he now lives on with an
hundred acres adjacent to it beginning at ye North Line the whole breadth
of the Land . . . . unto my son Van ye other hundred acres of land in the
same track beginning att ye South Corner Tree . . . Samuel received the
home plantation and everything on it, “excepting household goods and
tobacco in houses. John was to receive . . . ’10 pounds sterling from
Thomas and Van when he became twenty-one, if they were still living, if
not, their land would go to John . . .

Thomas is accredited with changing the spelling of the last name to “Van
Swearingen” to conform with the English style.

Thomas probably had daughters also, but names are unknown.

Thomas’ will, MD Hall of Records, Pre Ct, Wills 13, pp265-267.
[Brderbund WFT Vol. 14, Ed. 1, Tree #1473, Date of Import: Dec 8, 1998]

From Hatfield:
Lived and owned land in Somerset County, Maryland.
Will dated 29 July 1708 (Prince George’s County, Maryland Will Book 1, p.
will probated 19 March 1710 or 09 March 1710/1711.
Place of birth: also as: St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.
Place of marriage: also as: Prince George’s County, Maryland.
Date of marriage also given as: 1686 and March 1687.
Date of death: also as: 01 June 1710/1711.
Place of death also given as: Prince George’s County, Maryland, St.
County, and Montgomery County, Maryland.
May have had a daughter , Jane, (b. abt. 1700 in Maryland) who married
Jones on 18 February 1717 in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

An abstract of Thomas’ will, written 29 July 1708 and proven 9 March

1.) To eldest son Thomas and heirs, plantaion, 100 acres, where he
now lives. 2.) To son Van and heirs, 100 acres, residue of said tract.
3.) To son Samuel and heirs, dwelling plantation and land at decease of
his mother. 4.) In event of death of either son Samuel or Van aforesaid,
deceased’s portion to pass to their youngest brother John; otherwise he
to have personalty at majority. 5.) To wife Jane, executrix, all personal

Following the death of Samuel’s mother Jane in 1727, they began their migration west. They first settled, according to records found, in Bertie Co., NC. Sometime between 1765 and 1766 they joined their children in migration to Anson County, NC, where they settled in the area of Little River, which was part of Great Peedee River.

He was identified with the “Regulators”, who banded together to protect themselves in the proclaimed rights from the Declaration of Independence. His sons were also named as “Regulators”.

***Thomas Van Swearinen also begat Van Swearingin, who begat John Swearingin who begat Marmaduke “Duke” Swearingen (Marmaduke “Duke” van Sweringen), also known as “Blue Jacket”, famous white chief of the Shawnee Indians

Husband’s Name
Marmaduke SWEARINGEN (AFN:4355-MS) Pedigree

Born: 2 Jan 1763 Place: Fayette, Pennsylvania
Died: 26 Jun 1810 Place: Sandwich, Canada
Married: Place: Sandwich, Canada

Father: John SWEARINGEN (AFN:4355-RH) Family
Mother: Catherine STULL (AFN:4355-SN)

NAME: Blue Jacket
(given name, Wehyehpiherhs)

BORN: 1740s – 1750s



DIED: 1810

Blue Jacket was a famous Shawnee leader who fought long and hard against white expansion.

During a Kentucky raid in 1778, he and his party captured Daniel Boone.

In 1788, Blue Jacket was captured by settlers but later managed to escape.

He fought against Josiah Harmer’s army in 1790.

Blue Jacket led Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers on August 20, 1794 against General Anthony Wayne’s forces. It was a major defeat for Blue Jacket, resulting, ultimately, in the Treaty of Greenville (1795) which turned over half of Ohio to the Americans.


Weyapiersenwah (Blue Jacket)
Commanding the confederation of Native American tribes in 1794


Weyapiersenwah (Blue Jacket) of the Shawnee was born in the mid-18th century.

In 1774, he was one of several Native American leaders in the battle of Pt. Pleasant (W.Va.) in Lord Dunmore’s War. Weyapiersenwah fought as an ally to the British during the American Revolution, and by the late 1780s he had settled in the Maumee valley.

Weyapiersenwah and Michikinikwa (Little Turtle) of the Miami were the main leaders of the Native American confederation that defeated federal troops under Generals Josiah Harmar (1790) and Arthur St. Clair (1791). Weyapiersenwah then took sole command of the Native American tribes and in 1794 led the Native American forces in their defeat to Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s Legion of the United States at the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Falling back for protection from the British at Fort Miamis, the Native Americans found the gates to the fort closed. The conflict was over.

With others, Weyapiersenwah signed the 1795 Treaty of Greenville. In 1805, he signed the treaty of Fort Industry, ceding parts of northern Ohio to the United States.

Weyapiersenwah died about 1810, probably in the Detroit River region.

Sources: Dictionary of Canadian Biography, by University of Toronto Press, 1983.

Marmaduke also begat:
4. Sex Name
M George BLUEJACKET (AFN:4356-SS) Pedigree

Born: 1782 Place:
Died: 1833 Place:

George BlueJacket was also an Indian Chief

Blue Jacket
Author: Robert V. Van Trees Date: 3 Mar 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Blue Jacket
Classification: Query
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Have supported proof the Shawnee War Chief Blue Jacket was
not a white man named Marmaduke Van Swearingen and did not
kill any brother named Charles Van Swearingen Nov. 4, 1791
as various historical accounts allege. DNA testing in
progress now will verify genealogical chartings of both the
Swearingen and Blue Jacket lineage which indicate there is
no relation between the two family lineages based on a
descendant of John Swearingen becoming Chief Blue Jacket.
More information available upon request.

Blue Jacket
Author: Peter Kinman Date: 13 Feb 2001 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Blue Jacket, Van Swearingen
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Blue Jacket by: Robert V. Van Trees
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The story of a white man adopted by the Shawnee and
becoming their war chief may well be good theater, and
it becomes theater every summer in Xenia in the form of
the outdoor drama “Blue Jacket”; but it is not a true
story. Blue Jacket WAS the war chief of the Shawnee,
but he was NOT white.

Numerous articles and even a couple of books have been
written claiming that Blue Jacket started life as
Marmaduke Van Swearingen, a frontier white boy who was
adopted by the Shawnee at fourteen years of age.
However, that claim is a myth and nothing more. It
strikes one as implausible that the Shawnee would have
chosen a white man, albeit one adopted into their tribe,
to lead them in war against the White Man. There are,
in fact, no documents dating from Blue Jacket’s
lifetime containing the suggestion that Blue Jacket was
white. It is true that the details of Blue Jacket’s
early life are shrouded in mystery, which is not
surprising since the Shawnee were not literate at that
time. There are, however, several surviving minutes
of meetings sponsored by American officers and attended
by Blue Jacket and other Indian leaders. In none of
these is it remarked that Blue Jacket appears white or
has a fair complexion. In one of these documents it is
stated that American officers communicated with Blue
Jacket through a translator. Blue Jacket lived to be
fairly old and had repeated contact with the world of
white Americans. If he had been white, why wasn’t this
noticed and remarked upon? The first document to claim
that Blue Jacket was white was not written until many
years after Blue Jacket’s death by someone who had never
met the man.

It is true that all of Blue Jacket’s children had
European ancestry. Blue Jacket’s first wife was a white
girl adopted by the Shawnee. His second wife was of
mixed race, having a French-Canadian father and Indian
mother. Perhaps the myth that Blue Jacket was white has
its origins in these facts.

Probably the best reliable biography of Blue Jacket is:

Barbara Buhr Okerson,
Weyapiersenweh : Blue Jacket, War Chief of the Shawnees,
and the Contest for Possession of the Ohio River Valley,
Ph. D. Thesis, University of Memphis, 1996.

Blue Jacket
Author: Rodger Reedy Date: 18 Dec 1999 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Blue Jacket
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Blue Jacket Shawnee Indian Chief by: Nancy Rudolph
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Blue Jacket was a Shawnee Chief who lived in the Greene Co. area.
He was actually a white man who as a boy ran off to live with the indians.
His real name was Marmaduke Van Swearingon. The best history of this era
was documented by Alan Eckert in a series of books. The first in the series is
“The Frontiersmen”. The stories center around Simon Kenton who lived in this
area at the same time. There is an outdoor drama that runs every year in Xenia, OH
called “Blue Jacket”. The Shawnee chief Tecumseh was also of this era.
Hope this gets you started.

Blue Jacket, not really white as originally claimed by Allan Eckerdt
Author: Philip Beltz Date: 22 Feb 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Blue Jacket, Eckert, Moore, Tecumseh
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Allan W. Eckert by: Mike Thorne
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Dear Mike Thorne and Jody Piotter;

Yes, Eckert’s books make a good read. The flow and descriptions of Pioneer and Indian life are great.

In the following, forgive me if I make some mistakes, but being at the office and without my files, this is what I remember.

Some take exception to Eckert’s treatment of the famous Indian chief, “Blue Jacket”. As you know, he was a contemporary and associate of Chief Tecumseh.

Eckert claims that the little white boy [was he a von- Swearingen?] was kidnapped by Indians near Chillicothe, Ohio. So the story goes, he was wearing a, “blue jacket”, when captured.

Presumably, he was then raised as Indian. Upon adulthood, he became a fiercesome Indian fighter against many pioneers. Eckert’s account is the foundation of the outdoor melodrama, “BLUE JACKET”, as staged near Xenia, Ohio.

Unfortunately for Eckert and others, some family were surprised and looked into this claim of, “Blue Jacket”, being, “white”.

After giving a speech on The Melungeons, in Columbus, Ohio last August 1999, a woman approached me. She suggested my contacting an Indian, Roger Moore. Roger was giving presentations, saying that he was Melungeon.

In a phone call, Roger Moore claimed to be the g-…g- grandson of Blue Jacket. In a trip to Bellefontaine, I saw a book from the Logan County Chapter of OGS. It’s in their restricted vault. This rare and fragile book had several chapters relating to Blue Jacket. One was written, if I remember correctly, by his grandaughter.

She relates her grandmother Moore’s visit to their home. I can’t remember if her name was Virginia or Nancy. Her grandmother Moore, as a 9 year old girl, was kidnapped either in Virginia or Pennsylvania. This white girl [possibly partially Melungeon, herself] was raised in Indian village(s).

Upon her maturity, Chief Blue Jacket took her as his bride/squaw. They had two girls. Her two daughters developed small pox and had facial scarrs.

Blue Jacket was given treaty land along the Maimi, west of Bellefontaine and south of Indian Lake and Russells Pointe.

Eventually, she was allowed to return to her family in the East. Much later, she returned to the Miami River land between Lewistown to the north and Logansville to the south.

When Blue Jacket died, his wife, [Virginia or Nancy] Moore inherited the land and lived there for quite a long while.

Somehow, but not clear to me, my new friend, Roger Moore, is descended from Blue Jacket. He and others have traced enough to know that Blue Jacket was not white. The NGS printed a scholarly analysis of, “was he or was he not, white”. {more scholarly than this posting, today being done without any notes or documents}

Roger Moore is an Indian, “Reenactor”. He appears at Gnadenhutten(sp), at Zoar, Schoenbrunn Village and annually at Louis Broomfield’s, “Malabar Fall Harvest Festival”.

He has advised screen writers and directors and acted in about 15 PBS, A&E and History Channel documentaries.

He appears in television interviews and speaks to many school assemblies. He mentions his, “Melungeon”, background as part of his presentations.

His, “day job”, near Mansfield, Ohio is as a mechanic improving on off-highway equipment.

Roger once confronted Allan Eckert. By then Mr. Eckert knew of the error. He appologized for the error in research leading the false conclusion.

Apparently, there was another, “blue jacket”, boy that did exist, but at a different time and in a different place. However, that “blue jacket”, never became a chief; and might have been white; and might have been …

As arranged by phone, our family met Roger Moore at the Fall 1999 Louis Broomfield’s, “Malabar Farm Fall Harvest”, in Richland County, Ohio.

Among the tens of thousands of people milling around, he and his son were the only dressed Indians there. They walked the grounds and spent time in the camping and Civil War display.

Assuming him to be there again next Fall, I invite you to visit Malabar Farm and to approach them. He openly welcomes visitors and enjoys interacting and sharing the old Indian and Pioneer stories.

I hope to return to Xenia this summer to again see, “Blue Jacket”. Several people, including Roger, have mentioned that before the production begins, an announcer comments in a way that indicates that liberties with facts have been made, for the entertainment value. I want to hear the exact phrasing.

Personally, I wish that the play would be rewritten. The story of Indian and Pioneer life and the Treaty of Greenville is exciting enough without causing 2 to 3 thousand patrons per night to, “mislearn history”.

As Roger says, “I spend the rest of the year, correcting this error. That’s a lot of people to approach.”

My hope is that the new Columbus, “BLUE JACKETS”, Hockey Team, playing in The Nationwide Arena, will realize the facts in their publicity and promotions.

If I have made an error in recountlng the above, I am sure that someone will let me know.


Phil Beltz

Blue Jacket
Author: Philip Beltz Date: 19 Oct 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: BlueJacket, Moore
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Blue Jacket by: Jack
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Dear P N Jack;

Unfortunately, Roger Moore does not have a computer. The best reference is in the vault at the Logan County Genealogical Society in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Blue Jacket’s grand-daughter was deposed by a local author regarding her remberances of Blue Jacket’s wife.

Once as a little girl, Blue Jacket’s white wife, a Moore woman from either Pennsylvania or Virginia came to visit her mother. Either Blue Jacket’s wife or daughter was Nancy, the other was Virginia.

I copied the couple of pages and may eventually refind them.

Phil Beltz

Blue Jacket
Author: Jack Wilson Date: 20 Oct 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: Blue Jacket
Classification: Query
In Reply to: Blue Jacket by: Philip Beltz
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Would you happen to have the address of the lady in Indiana, Vivian Swearingen, that has the bible?

Thanks for your help. Jack

Re: Blue Jacket
Author: ima sutherland Date: 4 Jul 2001 2:07 AM GMT
Surnames: bluejacket
Classification: Biography
In Reply to: Blue Jacket by: Philip Beltz
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Bluejacket’s wife was Margaret Moore. She was a white lady and was also captured by the Shawnees. Nancy was their daughter she was born in 1774 and died November 1840 in Virginia. She was married to a James Stewart.

Re: Chief Blue Jacket
Author: Yolanda Lifter Date: 4 Sep 2001 7:12 PM GMT
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In Reply to: Chief Blue Jacket by: Gayle Pahl
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Blue Jacket was the Shawnee name of Marmaduke Van Swearingen who joined the Shawnee tribe in the 1770’s. I would suggest reading the book “Frontiersman” by Allan W. Eckert.

Re: Chief Blue Jacket
Author: Wayne Date: 4 Sep 2001 2:13 AM GMT
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In Reply to: Re: Chief Blue Jacket by: Gayle Pahl
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Before you believe everything youread in that book you should read what a Swearingen descendent has to say.
“yes, Marmaduke, is my gr-gr-gr-gr uncle. However, there is a debate
going on as to whether or not Marmaduke was Chief Bluejacket. A Mr.
VanTrees from Ohio has had DNA testing done on the living relatives,
including me. Conclusions from the DNA testing now show that the
Bluejackets and Swearingens are not related. The DNA testing has created
lots of interest in the case.”
I thought you may be interested in this note from a friend of mine.

Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket
Author: Robert V. Van Trees Date: 24 Aug 2000 12:00 PM GMT
Surnames: blue jacket, Clear water baby
Classification: Query
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Having researched “the Blue Jacket story” for two decades I
have conclusive proof the Shawnee War Chief Blue Jacket was
not a white man named Marmaduke Van Swearingen. I am
attempting to locate the place, possibly in Wyandotte, MI,
where Blue Jacket was buried near the grave of Walk-In-The-
Water and in the 1808-1810 period. Any information will be
appreciated and I will provide answers to any question re
this subject anyone is interested in. I live in Fairborn,
Ohio (USA)geoc

Tecumseh-Shawnee Kispoko
Author: Mary Date: 2 Jan 2001 6:23 PM GMT
In Reply to: MARY BAYLES AND SON TECHUMSEH by: William Hazlett
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Shawnee Chief Pucksinwah Methotasa
their children:
1.Chicksicka b.1756
2.Tecumpese b.1758
(7.)Blue Jacket-adopted white
3.Tecamthai b.March 9,1768-between little big Miami River,Ohio
triplets born in 1771
4.Cat Follower
5.Stands Between
6.Loud Noise (The Prophet)
Anyone have Drayper mss.in Madison Wisc.?

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (WILLETT) POTTENGER (cited in previous fort – from Maryland), Capt. Samuel POTTENGER (founder 1754-1831), Elizabeth POTTENGER, spinster; Jemima POTTENGER, Susanna POTTENGER (married Robert BROWN in 1791), William POTTENGER (1765-1824, married Mary MELTON in 1795), Robert POTTENGER (1767-1845, married Fanny GEE in 1800), John POTTENGER (1769-1842, married first Jane GILKEY in 1795, married second Catharine RAILSBACK in 1800), Dennis POTTENGER (1770-1856, married first Mrs. Sarah BLACK, secondly Betsy LOWDEN), Anne POTTENGER (1773-1853, married 1795 John WITHROW who was the stepson of Captain POTTENGER), Eunice POTTENGER (1777-1842, married Abram GRAFFT in 1798. The older Samuel POTTENGER (1718-1820); his wife Eleanor WILLETT (1726-1822) and their seven children, Jemima who married John GILKEY, Elizabeth who married Capt. David GILKEY – John’s brother; Samuel S (1767-1827 who married Susan WITHROW, Capt. POTTENGER’s stepdaughter, Sarah (1764-1827 who married first Daniel ROBBINS and secondly to James WITHROW who was Susan’s brother, Eleanor who married first John ROBBINS and secondly John DOWDALL, Nancy who married Charles SWEARINGEN brother of Indian Chief “Blue Jacket”, Susannah who married Richard SIMMONS and Thomas who 1772-1815 who married Elizabeth KINKADE.

Author: Kevin Murphy Date: 28 Jan 2001 11:06 PM GMT
In Reply to: !!!! by: Diana Turner
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Although I’m not positive which book you are
referring to, I have a book about Chief
Bluejacket. Someone photocopied it years ago and sent it to me. I bet it’s the same one. Unfortunately, since I’ve moved in the past year, it’s packed away in some box and I have no idea where it is.

In brief:

Marmaduke Van Swearingen was a white man kidnapped by the Shawnee in the late 1700’s.
He joined them and took the name Bluejacket,
because he was wearing a blue jacket when he was captured. He became one of their chiefs.

He had a son, Jim Bluejacket. Jim had a son,
Rev. Charles Bluejacket, founder of the town in OK. Charles had a son named Silas, who married Delilah Gullett. Delilah’s brother
was Henry Gullett, whose son was Ralph Gullett, whose daughter was Irma (Gullett)
Murphy, whose son is Kevin Murphy (me).


Author: Mary Date: 12 Jan 2001 10:32 AM GMT
In Reply to: WV Barker’s by: Debi
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According to Alan Eckert`s book”A Sorrow In Our Heart” Draper mss.in Wisconsin library, my other sources,Tecumseh`s parents were Shawnee Chief Pucksinwah (Cherokee Chief`s daughter Methotasa-Turtle Mother b.abt 1739,kidnapped age 15-1754 adopted by Shawnee),they married in Spring of 1755.Their children were 1.son Chiksika b.1756 2.daughter Tecumapese b.1758,(adopted white-Blue Jacket)3.Tecamthi-Tecumseh b. March 9,1768,triplets b.spring of 1771-Cat Follower,Stands Between, Loud Noise-The Prophet.If you would like to go further back;Tecumseh`s dad Shawnee(Kispokothe sept-war party)Chief Pucksinwah-Hard Striker b. abt. 1713, his dad was Chief Opetha,his dad,Chief Waywaytha, his dad Chief Thethicki

Garrett VAN SWEARINGEN (AFN: 25M2-4B) Pedigree
Sex: M Family



Garrett Van Swearingen

Barbarah De Barrette


Birth: 4 Feb 1636
Beemsterdam, Unitednetherland, , Holland
Death: 4 Feb 1698
St. Mary’s, Somerset, Md
Burial: 1698
St. Mary’s City, St. Mary’s, Maryland


Father: Eric VAN SWERINGEN (AFN: 1PM8-1GL) Family
Mother: Mrs. Eric VAN SWERINGEN (AFN: 1PM8-1HS)

Father: Albert VAN SWERINGEN (AFN: 1QH6-58F) Family
Mother: Mary (AFN: 1QH6-59M)

Father: David Janse SWIERINGH (AFN: 1T7H-9XV) Family
Mother: Hester JACOBS (AFN: 1T7H-9Z3)

Father: SWERINGEN (AFN: 1GNL-TWF) Family


Spouse: Mary SMITH (AFN: 4358-9H) Family
Marriage: 5 Oct 1676
St.marys, Maryland

Spouse: Mary SMITH (AFN: 1HXC-4QP) Family
Marriage: 5 Oct 1676

Spouse: Barbarah De BARRETTE (AFN: 3Z9D-JF) Family
Marriage: 1 Mar 1659
New Castle, New Castle, De


1. Gerret Van SWERINGEN was born in Beemsterdam, Holland February 04, 1636. Gerret died 1698 at 62 years of age.

He married twice. He married Barbarah de BARRETTE in Delaware, CA 1659. Barbarah was born in Vallenciennes, France. Barbarah died ca 1670. He married Mary SMITH CA 1676. Gerret was the younger son of a family belonging to the nobility and received a liberal education. As a young man he performed responsible duties in the service of the Dutch West India Company. Sailed in 1656 on Prince Maurice as the appointed supercargo. Reached their destination on April 21 of New Amsterdam (New York City now). After arriving, he requested to be relieved from service from the Dutch West India Co, and since the boat was wrecked in landing, his request was granted.

See more complete write up on Gerret in the Family Register of Gerret Van Sweringen and Descendants compiled by A Member of the Family 1906.

Gerret Van SWERINGEN and Barbarah de BARRETTE had the following child:

+ 2 i. Thomas2 SWEARINGEN was born CA 1665.


Van Swearingen, Albert (~1630 – ) – male
b. ABT. 1630 in Holland
father: Swieringh, David Janse (*1599 – )
mother: Jacobs, Hester (*1603 – )
Van Swearingen, Anne (~1679 – >1727) – female
b. ABT. 1679 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD
d. AFT. 1727
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713)
Van Swearingen, Charles (~1677 – <1712) – male b. ABT. 1677 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD d. BEF. 1712 father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698) mother: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713) ——————————————————————————– Van Swearingen, Elizabeth (>1661 – ~1736) – female
b. AFT. NOV 1661 in New Amstel, New Castle, DE
d. ABT. 1736 in St Mary’s City, St Mary’s, MD
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: De Barrette, Barbara (~1640 – 1670)
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985, Date of Import: 11 Jun 1997]

!Information from Peggy Swearingen, Maupin, OR
Residence: Age 3 when moved to St. Mary’s,naturalized 8 May 1669.(Gail
Vanderhoof. Moved to Jamestown, VA.per rel. Elizabeth Randolph,
St.Louis, MO.
!Will: dated 23 Sep 1736 proved 6 Dec 1736, St. Mary’s City.
!Child: a fourth child Edward, unable to determine if Evans or Williamswas his

spouse: Evans, John (1660 – ~1704)
– m. AFT. 1703 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD
———-child: Evans, Philip (~1702 – )
———-child: Evans, Anthony (~1702 – )
———-child: Evans, Mary (~1702 – )
spouse: Williams, Jacob (*1675 – ~1726)
– m. ABT. 1725 in St Mary’s City, MD
———-child: Williams, Williams (~1704 – )
———-child: Williams, Benjamin (~1705 – )
Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698) – male
b. 4 FEB 1635/36 in Beemsterdam, Holland
d. 4 FEB 1697/98 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD
father: Swieringh, David Janse (*1599 – )
mother: Jacobs, Hester (*1603 – )
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985, Date of Import: 11 Jun 1997]

!Will filed 25 March 1698 filed State of Maryland Hall of Records Anapolis, MD
Libr 6,H,1688-1700 of wills p 210-211.witnessed by Nicholas Croutch, Willm
Aisquith, Thomas Grunvin, and Tom Sinnodd.Febr. 4 1698.

!Birth and names of children Colonial Families of the US.

Your Famous Forefathers by Johnson and Turner “Gerret Van Swearingen,
ancestor of many West Virginians. Gerret was born in Remsterdam, Holland in
1636, a younger son of a family who belonged to the nobility. He served with
the Dutch East Indies Company and settled in 1655 at New Amstel (now New
Castle) Delaware, of which he was one of the founders. When the English took
over the Dutch Colonies in 1664, Van Swearingen moved to St. Mary’s City
Maryland. He petitioned Lord Baltimore for English citizenship, which was
granted. Gerret became a land owner and a leader in the affairs of the
“Shortly after the surrender of the Dutch Colony to the English, in 1665,the
family moved from New Amstel,now New Castle, to St Mary’s City, St Mary’s
County, MD where he lived out his life. He was appointed to the Maryland
Council 12 Mar 1687. He became a landowner and leader in county affairs.He
and his family were naturalized by act of the General Assembly in April 1669 at
St Mary’s, MD.” From Colonial Families of the United States of America.
!Baptism and parents:from Dr. O.Swearengen (Gemeente Archiefs, 40 Janstraat
Haarlem) he suggests Garrett was born Haarlem or Scheveningen as Beemsterdam
silted over and abandoned in 1640s and Gerrett’s family moved to Amsterdam.
Reenterswan was given at his naturalization.

Garrett Van Swearingen, son of Dutch noble family was appointed to the post of “super cargo” for the ship “Prince Maurice” which was ready to sail for America from Texel, Holand on 25 December 1656. The ship “Prince Maurice” was stranded near the coast of Long Island on 8 March 1657. Shortly after the incident, Garrett Van Swearingen had to charter the ship “Beaver” at New Amsterdam (now New York) for the voyage to Fort Casimir and surrounding area. On 25 April 1657, Garrett Van Swearingen and the Dutch colonists took Fort Casimir and surrounding area from the Swedes. As one of the founders,Fort Casimir was renamed as New Amstel (now New Castle, Delaware).

Garrett Van swearingen wrote the following letter:

‘New Amstgel, December 8, 1659


Garrett Van Swearingen (04 Feb 1636 – 04 Feb 1698)

‘With due respect and reverence, have I hereby taken the liberty to greet you, though bound in duty of gratitude, to devote to you all the days of my life. …I cannot neglect, hereby to communicate my promotion. About a year and a half, after my departure from Patria (my native country),with your Honor’s favorable recommendation, I have been appointed Sheriff here subject to the approbation of the Honorables the Principals.Previously, I have taken care of the store as clerk; and after J. Rynevelt’s death, as Commissary, from which I have not requested to be discharged, as I have, though unworthy, been recently made Second Councilor, with Sir Alexander Hinojossa, First Councilor, and Captain of the military here, who intends to go over in the Spring, to represent this miserable place.

‘If things become worse, I, individually, am ruined, for I have received here, some goods from my brothers, all of which I have laid out in a house, horses and mules, which cost me full, four to six thousand guilders, Holland currency.

‘Besides that, I am also married….

‘Herewith I commend your Honor to the mercy and protection of the Most High God, and remain.

‘Your obedient, humble servant,

‘G. Van Sweringen’
On 20 August 1660, Garrett Van Swearingen and his family were granted permission to visit Holland.

On 27 August 1661, the City of Amsterdam in Holland was determined to continue the colony at New Amstel in America. Garrett Van Swearingen was again appointed as the councilor.

Also in a letter to Peter Stuyvestant, Direactor-General of the New Neatherlands from William Beekman, Garret Van Swearingen was called ‘The Honorable President, Van Swearingen.’

In 1664, Colonel Nicols of England, sent by His Majesty, Chares II, and his deputy Sir Robert Carr were to take over the Dutch colony at NewAmstel. Garrett Van Swearingen made a deposition in 1684 regarding the conquest of the Dutch possessions at New Amstel by English…

‘In the year 1664, arrived Col. Nicholas, sent out by his Majesty, King Charles II, whereupon the Fort and country were brought under submission by Sir. Robert Carr, and duputied with two ships , for that intent. Sir Robert Carr did often protest to me, that he did not come as an enemy,but as a friend; demanding, only in friendship, what was the King’s own,in that country. There was taken from the City and the inhabitants there about, to the value, so near as I can now remember, of four thousand pound sterling, likewise arms, powder and shot in great quantity. Four and twenty guns were, the greatest part, transported to New York.

‘The Dutch soldiers were taken prisoners, and given to the merchant men that were there, in recompense of their services; and into Virginia, they were transported to be sold, as was credibly reported by Sir Robert Carr’s officers, and other persons there living in the town.

‘All sorts of tools for handicrafts man, and all plough gear, and other things to cultivate the ground, which were in great quantity; besides the estate of Governor Debouissa and myself; except some household stuff and a negro I got away; and some other movables, Sir Robert Carr did permit me to sell.

‘Colonel Nicholas, understanding what Sir Robert Carr had got at Delaware, took all again from the said Sir Robert Carr, when the said Colonel came there again in person, as I was informed, when I was upon my way to Maryland.’

Swearingen family tradition says that when the Dutch colony at New Amstel surrendered to the English Crown, Garrett Van publicly broke his sword across his knees, and, throwing it to the left and right, renounced his allegiance.

Shortly after the English’s takeover of Dutch colony at New Amstel,Garrett Van Swearingen and his family migrated to St. Mary’s City, St.Mary’s County, the province of Maryland.

On 13 April 1669, a bill was passed by the General Assembly of the province of Maryuland for the “Free Denization and Naturalization of Garrett Van Swearingen and others,’ upon the following petition. The petition as transcribed as follows:

‘To the Right, Honorable, the Lord Proprietory of the Province of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore.

“The Petition of Garrett Van Swearingen, Elizabeth de Barrette, wife of the said Garrett, Elizabeth and Zacharias Van Swearingen, children of the said Garrett and Barbara … all residents and inhabitants of this Province, humble so weth into your Lordship:

‘The Petition of Garrett Van Swearingen, was born in Reenstwerdam,Holland, under the dominion of the States General of the United Provinces: Barbara De Barrette, his wife, in Valenciennes, in the Low Countries, belonging to the King of Spain: Elizabeth Van Swearingen and Zacharias Van Swearingen their children in New Amstel, on Delaware Bay, then under the government of the said States General: … and your Petitioners being now removed into this Province — being invited to come and dwell in this Province upon confidence of your Lordship’s Declaration of July 2, 1649, whereby you did empower your Governor to grant lands to any persons of French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, or other foreign descent, in as ample manner, and upon the same term, as to any persons of British or irish descent.

‘And during this abode in this Province your Petitioners have been faithful and obedient to your Lordship’s Law; yet for that your Petitioners are not of British or Irish descent they cannot take benefit of the laws and customs of this Province, as the good people of British and Irish descent.

“May it please your Lordship, out of your abundant goodness and care,that your Petitioners shall henceforth be adjudged, as natural born people of this Province of Maryland, or as if they were of British or Irish descent as aforesaid, and that they shall be enabled to prosecute and defend all manner of actions and other demands, as liberally and frankly as if they have been naturally born within this Province of Maryland or were of British or Irish descent, any Laws or customs of this Province to the contrary notwithstanding.

‘And your Petitioners shall as in duty bound pray & c.’

During the period of 1680 and 1692, the Upper House of the General Assembly of the Province of Maryland held their meeting at Garrett Van Swearingen’s house in St. Mary’s City, St. Mary County, Maryland.

On 12 May 1684, Garrett Van Swearingen “Of the City of St. Mary’s,Gentleman, aged eight and forty years, or thereabouts,’ made the deposition regarding the settlement of Delaware Bay and River by the Dutch and Swedes people.

On 4 May 1686, Garrett Van Swearingen was made Sheriff of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Again on 12 May 1687, he was made sheriff for said county for another year.

In 1688 Garrett Van Swearingen was appointed as Alderman for the city of St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Garrett Van Swearingen left a will which was written on 25 October 1698 and probated on 4 February 1698. He mentioned:

1) ‘To two sons, viz – Joseph and Charles, equally, and heirs, dwelling house; also the Council Room and Coffee House and lands thereunto belonging: 2) “In event of death of both sons aforesaid without issue,said estate to pass to daughters (unnamed) by present wife’ 3) Wife(unnamed) to have estate during widowhood, and she is not to be disturbed by children (unnamed) or sons-in-law (unnamed); 4) ‘To daughters aforesaid personalty; son Joseph appointed guardian of said daughters (unnamed)’ 5) ‘To priest of Rome and Catholic Church, personalty’

Source: “Smoky Mountain Clans, Volume 2′ 1983, Donald B. Reagan, p203-206

Descendants of David Janse Swierngh

Generation No. 1

1. DAVID JANSE1 SWIERNGH (Source: WFT C.D. #2 – Pedigree 3433.). Hemarried HESTER JACOBS.

2. i. GERRIT2 VAN SWERINGIN, b. February 04, 1635/36, Breemsterdam,Holland; d. 1698, St. Mary’s,
Colony of Maryland.

Generation No. 2

2. GERRIT2 VAN SWERINGIN (DAVID JANSE1 SWIERNGH) was born February 04,1635/36 in Breemsterdam,
Holland, and died 1698 in St. Mary’s, Colony of Maryland (Source: Will ofGarrett Van Sweringen dated
25 March 1698, proved 25 October 1698. Maryland State Archives, Hall ofRecords, Annapolis, Md., Page
210-211, Prerogative Court Wills – 6.). He married (1) BARBARA DEBARRETT March 01, 1658/59 in
Delaware, daughter of ISAAC DEBARRETT. He married (2) MARY SMITH October05, 1676.

Will of Garrett Van Sweringen, St. Mary’s County, MD. Dated 25 March1698.
Proved 25 October 1698. Maryland State Archives, Hall of Records,Annapolis, MD, Prerogative Court
Wills 6, pp. 210-211. The text of his will follows:

In the name of God, Amen. I Garrett Vansweringen of ye citty of St.Mary’s in St. Marys county, haveing
consideredly Many Yeares I have Lived in this World and therefore but aLittle time to remain and for
Reason of the Uncertainty When this tyme shall be Expired I doe herebyWill and require that When it
Should be ye Will of God to Call me out of this Mortall Life My bodyshall be buried if God Doth permitt
According to ye custom of ye Roman Catholique Church and ye Priest Thatshall bury me I doe give him
One Thousand Pound of Tobacco and further I doe require My Executorsherafter named to take Care that
dureing ye Ensueing Year Mass shall be done for me Soly at all ye LaterDays St. Josephs day, St. John ye
Evangelist, St. Mary Magdaline in Holy Week at all Saints days and in yeChristmas hollydays further That
all my Just debts shal be paid and doe therefore appoint and Nominate MyWife and My son Joseph
Vansweringen Exrs. of my Will and this My Testament to doe and act ashere shalbe mencond And My
Now dwelling house and Land thereunto belonging also ye Councill Roomesand Coffee house and Land
thereunto belonging I give unto my two sons Joseph and CharlesVansweringen For them and their Heires
for Ever but in case of Any of them should Come to dye then ye houses andland fall to ye Surviving
Brother herebefore Named and if both should Come to Dye then it shall fllto my Girles gotten by my
Liveing wife the …only equally that is to be Understood that are andwere not married, or unprovided and
Shall be unmarried after my decease and in Case any of them should Socome to be in Possession of Any of
the aforenamed Land and houses and Shall Come to dye without issue thenye forenamed Land Should
returne againe to those that are Unmarried and to them that shall haveissue in the Nature as before but their
Issue dying shall ye said Land returne again to those yet have issue orbe unmarried I doe alsoe require that
my Wife doe Alsoe remaine in Possession of All my Estate Moveables andunmoveables dureing her Life
that if she shall remaine unmarried, but in Case she should Come to Marrythat then her Exershp shall
Cease and My Son Joseph shall only remaine ye only Executor of my Willand Testament and allow
According to Law to my wife one third of my Estate but remainingunmarried she shall Continue in Sole
Possession of all as if I was my Selfe Alive for ye good of our childrenand doe hereby Absolutely Debarr
all persons not being of My Blood to meddle or Concern themselves Withany of my children or there
Estate but What shalbe by ye Election of My Son Joseph with ye advise ofMr. John Hall of St. Innegoes
the Unaged Children will be C….ed with their brother Joseph be theirGuardian I will that …..weekes after
My Decease My Estate shalbe Appraised and not Undervallued as ordinarilyin this country is Done but to
ye Reall Value Silver Plate Brass Copper Pewter Ledd in Quantity andQuality or other….my Wife shall
Remaine Unmarried I doe Empower her over all nothing Excepted to remaineinmolessed either by
Children or Sonns in Law Provideing she shall not distribute more to yeone than to ye other and that noe
Portcon shalbe given to any of them dureing My Said Wife her Life to putherself to Want and beggary ye
rest of my Younger Children only by ye Way of assistance ye necessarilyshould require in part pay of their
Porcon or Sheare but if my Wife should come to dye then those childrenthat are left unmarried Shall
remain under ye Guardianshipp of Their Brother Joseph to take Care ofthem till they Come to be Married
but if said Joseph Should doe them any injustice which God forbidd thenye offense shall be refered to Mr.
John Hall hereafore named Mr. Charles Carrolle Mr. Charles Egerton Mr.Thomas Georing or any two of
them and their settling upon ye matter shall definitise Either for yesaid Joseph to remaine their Guardian or
to Make Elecon of any of those Aforenamed instead of him and their porconMust and Shall be given them
on Yeare after they are married if they remaine alive and not otherwisefor if any of these Children
aforenamed Comes to dye their porcon shall remaine amongst their Sistersherebefore named and not to ye
two brothers haveing ye Land Except issue if they should be married andhave issue before ye Expiraon of
ye Year or being bigg With Childe but ye aforenamed Brothers shall alsoehave an Equall Share out of ye
moveables estate ye day of My departure but not to p..tend any share ofye porcons of these girles that
should Come to dye but shalbe Equally divided to ye Sisters that areUnmarried, and further if my Son
Joseph Should Come to dye and if mother remaines Alive then shall yeExecutorshipp remain in her and in
all Power as is Layd before at large, but if my Wife also should Come todye then ye Children shall chuse
one or more Guardians Out of ye aforenamed whom are hereby desired to seemy Will performed and in
testimony that this is my Last Will and Tesamt Have I hereunto Signed andSealed with my hand this the
25th day of March 1698 But as I have sd my Wife to remain Exer if my sonJoseph Should Come to dye is
allways understood unmarried but if Married the Children shall haveGuardians as afrsd in order to shake
off ye Yoke of a father-in-law Further if it doth appeare any Gift Givenin my Lifetime to any of my
children of Vallue therof shalbe allowed to ye other ChildrenAportionable.

Signed Sealed Published and declared Signed GareVansweringen
by sd Garrett Vansweringen as his last will &
testamt ye 25 day of October 1698 in the presence of
us Nicholas Croutch, Willm Aisquith, Thomas Grunwin,
Thos. Sinnodd

And at ye bottom of ye foregoeing Will was Written….Endorsemtsfollowing vist Then came Mr. William
Asquith and Mr. Thomas Grunwyn two of ye Wittnesses to this Will and madeoathe that they did see
Garrett Vansweringen ye Testator Signe Seale Publish and declare thewithin & above written to be his last
Will and Testament and the sd Garrett was at ye isuing thereof Was ofPerfect and Sound Mind & Memory
Kenelm Cheseldyn March 20th 1698. Then did Mr. Nicholas Crowtch anotherof ye Wittnesses above
have deposed. Kenelm Cheseldyn.

Notes for MARY SMITH:
Antenuptial agreement being dated 5 October, 1676.

i. ELIZABETH3 SWEARINGEN, b. 1661, Delaware; d. 1736; m. (1) JOHNEVANS; m. (2) JACOB

ii. ZACHARIAS SWEARINGEN, b. Abt. 1663, Newcastle Co., Delaware; d.1711, St. Mary’s, Colony of
Maryland; m. MARTHA DEVINE, Abt. 1683.

iii. THOMAS SWEARINGEN I, b. 1665, St. Mary’s, Colony of Maryland;d. 1710, St. Mary’s, Colony of
Maryland (Source: Will of Thomas Swearingen,I dated 29 July 1708,probated 9 March 1710/11.
Volume III, page 203 of Maryland Calendar of Wills.); m. JANE HYDE/DOYNE,1687.

iv. JOSEPH3 VAN SWERINGIN, b. Abt. 1677, New Amstel, Delaware; d.March 08, 1720/21, St. Mary’s
County, Maryland; m. MARY NEALE ADDERTON, 1718.

v. ANNE VAN SWERINGIN, b. 1679, New Amstel, Delaware; m. ?WILLIAMBLADEN.

vi. CHARLES VAN SWERINGIN, b. 1680, Delaware; d. 1710.

vii. ELEANOR VAN SWERINGIN, b. 1681, St. Mary’s County, Maryland; m.(1) JAMES KING CARROLL;

viii. THERESA VAN SWERINGIN, b. 1683, Delaware; m. JOHN PARKE.

ix. DOROTHY VAN SWERINGIN, b. 1685, Delaware; d. 1728; m. BARNABYLEE.

spouse: De Barrette, Barbara (~1640 – 1670)
– m. 1 MAR 1658/59 in New Amstel, New Castle Co., DE
———-child: Van Swearingen, Zacharias (*1661 – ~1711)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Elizabeth (>1661 – ~1736)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Thomas (1665 – 1711)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Mary (~1666 – )
spouse: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713)
– m. 5 OCT 1676 in St Mary’s City, St Mary’s, MD
———-child: Swearingen, Eleanor (~1661 – )
———-child: Swearingen, ? (*1670 – )
———-child: Van Swearingen, Mary (*1670 – 1734)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Joseph (~1677 – <1712)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Charles (~1677 – <1712) ———-child: Van Swearingen, Anne (~1679 – >1727)
———-child: Swearingen, Dorothy (~1682 – )
———-child: Swearingen, Theresa (~1686 – 1754)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Sarah (1688 – <1718)
Van Swearingen, Jane (~1680 – 1712) – female
b. ABT. 1680 in St Mary’s City, Somerset
d. 1712 in MD
father: Van Swearingen, Zacharias (*1661 – ~1711)
mother: Devine, Martha (*1658 – ~1712)
Van Swearingen, Joseph (~1677 – <1712) – male
b. ABT. 1677 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD
d. BEF. 1712
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713)
Van Swearingen, Joseph (*1692 – 1736) – male
b. in MD
d. 1736 in MD
father: Van Swearingen, Zacharias (*1661 – ~1711)
mother: Devine, Martha (*1658 – ~1712)
Van Swearingen, Mary (~1634 – ) – female
b. ABT. 1634 in Holland
father: Swieringh, David Janse (*1599 – )
mother: Jacobs, Hester (*1603 – )
Van Swearingen, Mary (~1666 – ) – female
b. ABT. 1666
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: De Barrette, Barbara (~1640 – 1670)
Van Swearingen, Mary (*1670 – 1734) – female
b. in St Mary’s City, MD
d. 1734
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713)
Van Swearingen, Sarah (1688 – <1718) – female b. 1688 in St Mary’s City, MD d. BEF. NOV 1718 father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698) mother: Smith, Mary (1639 – 1713) ——————————————————————————– Van Swearingen, Son (~1632 – ) – male b. ABT. 1632 in Holland father: Swieringh, David Janse (*1599 – ) mother: Jacobs, Hester (*1603 – ) ——————————————————————————– Van Swearingen, Thomas (1665 – 1711) – male b. 1665 in St Mary’s City, St Mary’s, MD d. 19 MAR 1710/11 in St Mary’s City, Somerset, MD father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698) mother: De Barrette, Barbara (~1640 – 1670) [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985, Date of Import: 11 Jun 1997] Thomas was the first of the family to drop the Van. In McKenzie, hisbirth year is given as ca 1665. He married Jane____ and lived in Prince Georges County. His Will dated 29 July 1708, probated 9 Mar 1710/11, left theestate to his wife, to eldest son Thomas and to sons Van , Samuel and John. Johnbeing under 2l years of age. The wife was named executrix. Jane and Thomas lived in MD. He owned three plantations in St.Mary’sCounty. One was deeded to him by his father 200a. Thomas and Jane sold 60 acrespart of Basingthorpe Hall. spouse: Hyde?, Jane Doyne (~1669 – 1716) – m. MAR 1686/87 in St Mary’s City, St Mary’s, MD ———-child: Swearingen, Thomas (1688 – >1726)
———-child: Swearingen, Samuel Sr. (~1692 – >1782)
———-child: Swearingen, Van (1692 – ~1787)
———-child: Swearingen, John (~1696 – >1767)
———-child: Swearingen, Jane (*1698 – )
———-child: Swearingen, Elizabeth (*1700 – )
———-child: Swearingen, Lurannah (*1700 – )
Van Swearingen, Thomas (*1692 – ) – male
father: Van Swearingen, Zacharias (*1661 – ~1711)
mother: Devine, Martha (*1658 – ~1712)
Van Swearingen, Zacharias (*1661 – ~1711) – male
b. in New Amstel, DE
d. ABT. 1711 in St Mary’s, St Mary’s, MD
father: Van Swearingen, Garrett (1636 – 1698)
mother: De Barrette, Barbara (~1640 – 1670)
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985, Date of Import: 11 Jun 1997]

!Died in winter of 1711. Gail Vanderhoof says Martha and Zacharias werenot
living together at time of his death.

spouse: Devine, Martha (*1658 – ~1712)
– m. 1677 in St. Marys, MD
———-child: Van Swearingen, Jane (~1680 – 1712)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Joseph (*1692 – 1736)
———-child: Van Swearingen, Thomas (*1692 – )




Have you checked Swearingen? There is a great deal of information on this family in the Charles Co. Maryland libraries/Historical Society. You are possibly a descendant of these original Gerret Van Sweringen who was first in Delaware, then St. Marys Co./Charles Co., Maryland, about 1664. I have a small book about this family during the early period. I also have an aritcle on them from a book by Hester Dorsey Richardson “Side-Lights on Maryland History with Sketches of Early Maryland Families.”

The VanSwearingen/Swearingens are not on my line (as far as I now know). However, they lived in many of the same area as my ancestors in Charles County & Frederick County, Maryland; Jefferson and adjacent counties in West Virginia; and elsewhere. There is a great deal of published information about them. I have a small book on their beginnings in Maryland. The original ancestor Garrett/Garit, etc. was early in the New Castle area of Delaware, where I also had ancestors. Good luck with you searching.

I was in the DAR Library yesterday, looking up ancestors of mine who lived in Preble Co., Ohio. There were Swearingens/VanSwearingens listed as being early settlers; probably about 1820. I’m not sure the information about the early ones was correct, but you might find something there.

Sorry, that is the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C. It is at 17th and D Streets, NW; about 1/2 mile from a Metro stop. If you are at all familiar with DC, it is near the Corcorran Art Musuem and the National Red Cross Headquarters. It is open weekdays (not sure of the hours) and Sundays from 1:00-5:00. There is a $5 charge for non-members. I believe you can write them and they will do a minimal search. They have hundreds of books in stacks which you can go through (which I love). In the Library of Congress you have to fill out a slip for most books and they are delivered to your desk later. I like to leaf through the index of a book to see it I really need to see it. DAR also has a great deal of information on microfilm. There are applications of members which can be viewed, as well as books which have some information about our Revolutionary War ancestors. However, I have quite a few who were in the war, but joined on only one, so my others are not listed. It costs quite a bit to enter an ancestor and takes a long time to be completed by DAR, so I haven’t tried to do any more. Some women in the group I used to belong to had about 10 or 15 ancestors they had submitted. I do not know if the library is on line. You might be able to contact a local group in your area and they could help you. I think the address in DC might be 1776 D St., but I am not at home with my information, so I’m not sure.

Linda (Noland) Layman of 17
I learned today that Thomas Van Swearingen and Elmira Warner are in my line.Thomas & Elmira son Harry Wingate Van Swearingen is my gggrandfather. My ggrandfather Thomas Van Swearingen, is the son of Harry Van Swearingen and Sally Lipscomb. This is Harry’s second wife. Do you have anymore info on this line ? Thank you so much. Jean

Re: Van Swearingen born early 1600’s
Posted by: Carol

Date: September 03, 1999 at 12:25:26

In Reply to: Van Swearingen born early 1600’s by Leslie Hill

of 4280

I went into www.family search.org. and
found Eric Van Swearingen as the father of
Garrett (geret) Van Swearingen and Eric’s
father as David Janse Swieringh and Hester
Jacobs as the parents.
On the Genforum some people dispute that
and others say David Janse may be Garrett’s
I also saw Erics’ children under David Janse
as being his children, so the plot thickens
I will tell you from the information I
saw on the Family Search, it did trace to
my G-Grandfather Jermiah Swearingen/Leona Sarah Spencer,and my Grandfather George D.
Swearingen,from Booke,Hancock,W.Va.
This search ended up with Eric bn abt. 1616,
md.,abt 1635. Again Eric is a puzzle,as is
David Janse.
I do know my parents told me many times
my ancestors came from St.Marys Maryland, and
when my husband and I lived in Va. we went
there and saw a brass tag on the back of a
chair with Garret VanSwearingens name on it.
I believe it was the old Capitol Bldg.

Eric VAN SWERINGEN (AFN: 1PM8-1GL) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: Abt 1616
, Holland




Spouse: Mrs. Eric VAN SWERINGEN (AFN: 1PM8-1HS) Family
Marriage: Abt 1635
, Holland

David Janse SWIERINGH (AFN: 1T7H-9XV) Pedigree
Sex: M Family


Birth: Abt. 1594
<, , , Netherlands>




Spouse: Hester JACOBS (AFN: 1T7H-9Z3) Family

Swieringh, David Janse (*1599 – ) – male
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #2985, Date of Import: 11 Jun 1997]

Information on this family furnished by Dr. Oren Swearingen and Gail
Vanderhoof. They do not agree entirely with the researcher who located the
records in Holland. “The father of Gerret was Hendrick VanSweringen/Seringen
b. c1614 Holland. The only documentation to that effect is from a willof his
sister, Mary van Sweringen.” An extract of a letter to Jay E. Swearingenfrom
Paul J. Rapteyn, Hilversus, Holland 1933: The will or testament of Maryvan
Sweeringen shows us that she left as a legacy to her brother, Gerrit Van
Sweeringen, now (as far as she knows) residing in the Marylands in the
Virginies near the fort of Baltimore, an account of two guilder. Inanother
notarial document is mentioned that she, Mary, gives power of attorney inwhich
she authorises her brother Albert to sell her 1/5 part or shares in a
fram (farm?)and belongings formerly the property of her parents – andsituated
in what the clerk in America called Remsterdwan/Beemsterdam. Garret, Maryand
Albert’s father was Hendrick Van Sweringen/Seringen b about 1614,Holland.” this
came from Georgia Wilcoxen Lane who publishes a Wilcoxen Newsletter. andquoted
as above by Patricia H. Kohl Feb. 5, 1996. All of this from GailVanderhoof.


Descendants of David Janse Swieringh
Generation No. 1


     1.  David Janse1 Swieringh was born Unknown in Holland.  He married Hester Jacobs.  She was born Unknown in Holland.


Notes for David Janse Swieringh:
Here is some trivia concerning the origins of the name Swearingen, from Some Descendants of Garrett Van Swearingen of St. Mary’s Maryland, by Francis C.T. Daniels, 1983 Gateway Press, 111 Water St., Baltimore, MD, 21202. LCC # 83-81148 She cites as reference Bremen Documents (“Bremisches Urkunderbuch”), said documents written in Latin.  At present proper citation for the Bremen Documents is not available.


1 – On April 2, 1305, a group of knights agreed not to build forts and castles against the city of Bremen, or anywhere in its vicinity.  The agreement was signed by the secular Lord-Bishop of Bremen, one Geselbert, on the one side and several knights, among them Gerhard (Gerrit) Swerink and Marckward, his brother on the other hand.


2 – In 1309 Saxon knights around Bremen planned to build a strong castle to prevent further encroachments onto their ancestral lands by the Archbishops of Bremen.  Other knights, mindful of the agreement of 1305, promised to prevent the building of said castle.  Among the latter was Gerhardus Swering (Gerrit Swerink). Vol II, Nos. 43, 98.


Further she states :  


3 – “We find the name “Van Swerin” first mentioned in the city of Wismar, on the Baltic, about the middle of the 13th century.”  She makes reference again to the “Bremen Documents”, Vol V, No 494.  “It is in this document of 1431 that for the first time a scion of the old Sweringe family is found recorded under the full name of vanSweringen.  Sweringe was the old clan name.  Van Sweringen the title or feudal family name, derived from Sweringe, the Manor of the Sweringes.”


There are two versions as to who is the father of Garratt Van Swearingen.


 First:  “The father of Gerrett was Hendrick Van Sweringen/Seringen b. 1614 in Holland.  The only documentation to that effect is from a will of his sister, Mary van Sweringen”  An extract of a letter to Jay E. Swearingen from Paul J. Rapteyn, Hilverus, Holland, 1933:   “The will or testament of Mary van Sweeringen shows us that she left as a legacy to her brother, Gerrit Van Sweeringen, now (as far as she knows) residing in the Marylands in the Virginies near the fort of Baltimore, an account of two guilder.”  In another document is mentioned that she, Mary, gives power of attorney in which she authorizes her brother, Albert, to sell her 1/5 part or share in a fram (farm?) and belongings, formerly the property of her parents – and situated in what the clerk in America called Remsterdwan/Beemsterdam.  Garrett, Mary, and Albert’s father was Hendrick Van Sweringen/Seringen b. about 1614 in Holland.  


Second, from the research papers of Dr. Oren Sweringen, December, 1995:  “Gerrett baptized July, 1648 Van Haarlem.  Father: David Janse Swieringh.  Mother:  Hester Jacobs, Gemeente Archiefs, 40 Janstratt, Haarlem.


Notes for Hester Jacobs:
Extracted from research papers sent December, 1995 by Dr. Oren Swearingen:  “Gerrit baptized 26 July 1648 Van Haarlem.  Father:  David Janse Swieringh.  Mother:  Hester Jacobs, Gemeente Archiefs, 40 Janstraat Haarlem.”
Children of David Swieringh and Hester Jacobs are:
+     2     i.     Garrett2 Vansweringen, born February 04, 1635/36 in Beemsterdam, Holland; died February 04, 1697/98 in St. Marys County, Maryland.
     3     ii.     Mary Vansweringen, born 1634.
     4     iii.     Albert Vansweringen, born 1630.
     5     iv.     Unknown Son Vansweringen, born 1632.





Swearingen Connections

This section begins with Gerret Von Sweringen who came to America in 1655. The Swearingen line is that of my deceased ex-husband, my daughters and my grandchildren as well as my Swearingen in-laws and their families. There are 697 individuals and 247 families in this database.

The Swearingen Family

The quest for my children’s roots started from the time they were born as I was already involved in the search for my own. Their cousins, Gary Swearingen and Gary’s sister, Deborah Swearingen Daniels, had been on an independent quest of their Swearingen lines and when we met back up last year they graciously shared the data they had found and allowed me to incorporate that data in this compilation. Many thanks go to them both.

The Swearingen line has been extensively documented and much of the data here is from those sources. They include but are not limited to: Gerret Von Sweringen in the U.S.A., A compilation of his progeny in the year 1977 by Lola Thoroughman Van Sweringen; Early Families of Southern Maryland Vol. 4.; Prince George’s’s Co., Maryland Indexes of Church Registers 1686-1885 Vol. 1.; The Swearingens in America; Swearingens Since the Civil War; The World Book of Swearingen; The Swearingen Archives; Family Register Gerrit Van Swearingen and Descendants by H. H. Swearingen.

As with all other compilations that I present, I make no claims as to authenticity. Other than that of my direct line, I have no proof of any data. While some of it seems plausible, I leave the responsibility of proving the truth to each person. I have source document originals and copies of some data and will gladly mail copies of these to interested individuals. When a seeming connection is made, I urge each to start digging for the real, positive, and tangible records that will make that connection reality and not mere speculation.


The BEST place to find info (database provided by the Mormon church). This is where I got most of the information for this site – http://www.familysearch.org






A Swearingen family in Missouri http://www.fidnet.com/~tramc/swfam.html



A link to another branches line “My Van Sweringen Family of Virginia” – http://members.tripod.com/~bonetwo/index-106.html

Info on “Descendants of Gerret VanSwearingen” http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/h/i/l/Leslie-S-Hill/GENE2-0001.html?Welcome=1000929692

More on Gerret VanSwearingen

Info on Gerret’s Inn http://genforum.genealogy.com/swearingen/messages/907.html

Letter, etc. written by Gerret VanSwearingen http://www.smokykin.com/ged/f002/f98/a0029817.htm

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History of Blue Jacket http://www.scripps.ohiou.edu/seo/winter96/bluejckt.htm


Swearingin Heraldic, Family Crest, Coat of Arms,


……for more infomration, contact me, Chris Swearingin, at Chris@Swearingin.Com


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