The Tube Talk – Live Broadcast: 2+2 = send me all your money, and other logical failings

The Tube Talk – Live Broadcast: 2+2 = send me all your money, and other logical failings.

Tuesday whatever stream: 2+2 = you are a racist and should send me all your money. How the far left have become the very racists and sexists they once purported to be fighting against – and are NOT being called out for it. I’m not attributing this to the entire “left”, but the extreme, the “regressive left” perhaps, the “SJW’s” in other words.

“Privilege” is a racist and hateful concept and insult, spouted by racists & sexists. Calling white men “privileged” is lobbed as an insult, and a generalization, based on an entire categories gender and race – THAT is biased, sexist, racist, and the very thing the left once claimed they wanted to eliminate, but instead have become the side promoting this hatred, bias towards entire segments of the population. Categorizing people based on superficial qualities, entire groups of people, based on their sex or race, is the antithesis of what I once thought the “left” stood for, and it’s disappointing to see them become the biggest offenders this way, and condemning entire ranges of people with such slurs based only on immutable, superficial qualities they were born with. Excuse me, but wasn’t this the very thing they claimed to be fighting against? Isn’t this the very thing they claim they are STILL fighting against, while being the very people who are the ones guilty of it? You know, a la “he who smelt it dealt it”? Ironic, huh?

What is more strange to me is that both those on the left, and even the right, let them get away with this without calling them on it – it seems that it has been quite the successful psychological smokescreen for years. The ones screaming “racist”, “nazi”, “patriarchy”, “privilege”, are the ones who ARE the very thing they are slinging. Why can so many people not see this? Their identity politics, generalizing entire groups based on their color or sex, insulting them, their hatred of them, claiming they are racists, sexists, privileged, oppressors, simply based on their race &/or sex – THEY are showing that they ARE the racists they ironically claim they hate.

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