April, 2016

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Come with me

















Come with me

There’s a door I must get through,
it leads to the heart of you.
I don’t know what ever made me so afraid.
I look back to my childhood,
but you know it does me no good.
I’ve already lived through my past,
and all the things I thought would last

By the light of an old street lamp,
In the rain I wait again.
Strange shapes, strange shadows, strange faces
that the wind blows.
You catch me as I turn away,
through the storm I hear you say –

“Come with me, take my hand,
through the milk and honey of this broken promised land.
Side by side, don’t say no,
time will tell us secrets everywhere we go.”

Now the streets we walk are still,
and the rain has gone away,
I don’t know what ever made me so afraid.
One wish, heart of hearts,
In the beginning there were false starts –
I know that in the end
all I want is a good, true friend



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