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9:29 PM

It’s been another great day! The weather was nice out there but sure windy for a while. I’m a student and I’m bound and determined to finish a master’s in computer science so I’m back at it this semester taking another full class load. Meanwhile so many other things going on, not the least of which is the websites I’m working on in my spare time. Granted, that’s been an on again and off again process over the last 3 years or so, but has been updated and improved some lately, I have and rebuilt (yet again) and back online for the past couple of months or so. Let’s see, I also have up and running finally, though still needing to attract traffic to it and get the locals using it if possible. I’m making my final push right now with my company I have political clients and there are a lot of primary elections Tuesday (I handle the online marketing for political campaigns for clients running for office). What else? Hmm, it’s just been so busy lately it’s hard to think, that’s part of why I haven’t done an entry in so long. This next friday should be great and the weekend, really looking forward to that. Other than all that, I have some other sites I own that I’ll be bringing online soon and improvements to Computer Magazine, as well as some advertisers which is good. Working out, organizing around here, work, school, life, etc. etc. that’s about it, it’s all good! More later! 🙂

I clearly need more sun on my arms, Swearingin

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Chris Swearingin, February 28, 2016 Sunday


Chris Swearingin, February 28, 2016 Sunday


Chris Swearingin, February 28, 2016 Sunday


Chris Swearingin, February 28, 2016 Sunday


12:01 AM

Great day and week this past week. I completed the mid-term for my Java class and made an A (which is not much of stretch, being that I’ve been programming in one language after another since I was 12, and this is what my umpteenth programming class over the years), as well as on this history class I’m taking (I’m kind of running out of elective type classes to fill in a full schedule with, so audited a history class I took in ’86 initially, since I’ve taken all the others pretty much, and always love history, so it comes easy to me). With programming, keeping the syntax straight is really the main thing, it’s not understanding the logic of course, but every language is different in syntax and so many of them (such as Java and C#) are so close as to confuse you if you aren’t on top of it at that moment, and I have programmed and currently program in so many languages that it’s just hard to keep it all together in my head sometimes. And at this level, on exams you have to write a complete complex program from memory of syntax alone, with ZERO notes, not even the benefit of an IDE or compiler, nope, do it all from memory of exact syntax, when some random solution is requested in the exam that you didn’t expect to have to build, submit it as pure text, hope you got every semi-colon and and the structure of every statement exactly right. Anyway, got an A (the request was to build a program that would track grades, average them, take it in, give a nice output and on and so forth, similar to other apps i’ve built in the past so no biggie), but still I don’t have much use for Java nowadays, I’ve taken C# and Java and so many others in college, but now days I do most everything in the real world in PHP and JavaScript with some Python and on an HTML/CSS canvas, so Java is just another course to fill in credits, though I’ve done Java programming in the past for work, it’s been a while for any real purpose or need, other than occasionally auditing or editing someone else’s code for a project. I have a math mid-term coming up this week, then that will be done and Spring Break, woo hoo, so at least I will have a small break from school to focus on other things in my spare time. Ok, more later!. It’s been a long while since I’ve done a journal entry, I figured it was about time again!


Chris Swearingin, February 27, 2016 Saturday



Quote of the day: Any truth is better than indefinite doubt. Arthur Conan Doyle

Tomorrow-is-Moiday 2/29/16 Monday 12:48 AM

I laid down a bit ago but couldn’t sleep, got back up with some thoughts in my head. You know you have to think it’s a good day, when one day you wake up and you look at a picture someone you use to care for posted, at a place of theirs you look at rarely for quite some time, and you realize that person seems a stranger to you now. I say a good thing because that person turned out not to be who you thought they were, or what you even cared about, what you were misled to believe anyway, and as so often happens in this world today, they were just taking you for another ride because you made a good target. And now, they look and seem in your own memory now to have been a stranger, or more imagination than something real, and you realize, ya, that’s a good thing, that’s a step forward, there are real people in your life who actually care about you. Good days.

Oh, and this year is leap year, and today is leap day.

Leonardo won his oscar finally last night, only part i actually caught of the academy awards. For “The Revenant.” I haven’t seen it, so I had to download it, so I think I’ll watch part of it until I get sleepy again. Revenant means “a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.” That sounds like me, many times over, so must be my kind of movie. Every time someone tries to knock me down and destroy me, i get back up feeling more powerful than ever – they will never, ever destroy me, you just made me stronger. more later.



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