Friday, September 26th, 2014

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Chris’s Journal for Friday September 26, 2014 – Daily Blog & Journal for Chris Swearingin 9/26/14 Friday

5:25 AM

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Good week. It’s getting a little chill going on now in my early morning runs anyway, though the rest of the day sure is beautiful lately. Soooo much going on. I can’t believe the semester is almost already half over, I’ve got A’s in all my classes, so that’s good, considering everything else I’m juggling. Well, I’ve worked more on several projects, in my spare time I’m kind of juggling and pushing several different things along incrementally as I can. I’ve got software and a good Linux video editing box setup and am producing “green screen” videos now (“chroma key” transitions). I guess I can embed a little one I just did to show you what I’m talking about, though it sucks, and as an early attempt amongst several it has shown me some things I need to change (green screen instead of, err, blue, better camera, better lighting, etc.), but anyway, I’m just moving things like this along by degrees I guess. So, it’s basically when you replace your background with something else, like weather forecasters do. I’ll use it frequently I’m sure in my broadcasts that aren’t going to be live (such as Google hangouts).

This will likely be the the most meaningless video I’ve ever uploaded anywhere. BUT, I guess Facebook is having problems, or else they only like certain video formats encoded precisely, so, trying out different ones, hopefully this will actually upload this time, it’s .webm (of all things). OH, but, this is my day, day in and out, very exciting lol, for anyone who’s curious, i’m just usually not sitting in that place, but whether work or at home, I’m sitting at a desk, staring into a computer screen trying to solve some problem, studying or typing, and often listening to some song i’ve gotten on and playing it over and over a thousand times in a day as some kind of mantra to focus my mind (playing the same song over and over loud does not make it easy for anyone to live with you, so i’ve found)

Quote of the day: If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.  Lao Tzu



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