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Chris’s Journal for Friday September 5, 2014 – Daily Blog & Journal for Chris Swearingin 9/5/14 Friday

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What a busy week it has been! I have to make this short and sweet and get a move on, and I have a looooooot to get done this weekend. I just got back from an hour and 20 minute run and then hit weights which I’ve done so much through the summer, right now I can barely move my arms, but the results have certainly been there, like the early 90’s for me, lol. Yes, age to some extent is a frame of mind, not that I’m old but not young either. But, very busy, I think when I have my masters done I’ll take a semester off to get some other projects done, but not more than that.


Yes, now in this Swearingin Breaking News, World Exclusive, lol – I think I’ll have to buy the new Samsung Note 4, looks sweet, not that I need another cell. If you haven’t seen  it and the VR headset then it’s worth checking out (ya, playing catch up with Oculus is in fashion now, I really loved the brilliant cardboard one Google was giving away, would like to get one of those to put away for 20 years untouched). Well, that’s as much of a quick brain dump as I can do at the moment, have soooooooooo much else I want to write and talk about that has happened, but no time now, but soon! Oh, I registered and (as if I needed any more domains or ideas, I’ve been shedding ones I knew I’d never get to for the past few years, but now and then I get a spark and pick up some more, alas) cuz I kind of realized the other day when I was doing some dev and typed into Google “free alternative to crocodoc” that I type “free alternative to” an awful lot in searches, well, especially in looking for code frameworks and software, because a) there is often a free alternative that does almost as good for the basics anyway as a paid alternative and b) I like to modify my code and it’s implicit in commercial software that they are compiled so as NOT to be modifiable (well, if you could do that, then you’d have their code to steal, which isn’t so hard if you prog assembly, but I digress). SOOOO, I thought, hmmmm, I need to do a reverse-craigslist type site with categories and then postings and lists in each one with cheap or free alternatives to all types of stuff. It will be partly a board, so people can submit and discuss such alternatives to…well, everything (software yes, but also services, lawn mowers, who knows). I don’t know, great idea I’m sure, I’ll add it to the list of the other 10,000 brilliant ideas I still have left to get to, lol, that someone in the meantime has also already thought of and will make a fortune off of I’m sure. Oh well, we’ll see, more time to develop in the spare time would help, but that ship sailed, but I’ll fit some in anyway, so there, lol. Ok, More later!




I don’t know why I didn’t post this sooner. I have places on my wall for a bachelors, masters, phd, and that will get filled! Hey, I’m a dog with a bone




No i’m not angry, lol, I don’t know why i looked so serious


My new book, kind of a how-to manual, for idiots and slow learners, lol!

My new book, kind of a how-to manual, for idiots and slow learners, lol!


I thought the physics of this gif was hypnotizing,i guess because it follows a mathematical algorithm


Quote of the day:   Never cut what you can untie. Joseph Joubert


Well, I never post much that I have had to write for all these courses, thousands upon thousands of pages I’ve written for various courses, jeezzz, they love to make you write, lucky I’m good at it, but here is what I had to write for this obscure Philosophy class I’m taking this semester (I didn’t need it for any degree or elective, but just hoped it would be interesting and it was one of the few non-sci/math/tech classes I could still take to give my brain a rest, ugh, I thought. Not that it’s hard, but I studied a lot of philosophy when I was young, and now I’m not finding it quite as interesting…still interesting, just not quite as much. Anyway, don’t know why I’m including it, filler I guess, but if you haven’t read enough of my drable yet, then here you go! lol (it was supposed to be commentary on the Greek maxim “Know Thyself”, I did a rather quick and dirty response, could have been better….)


“But I have no leisure for them at all; and the reason, my friend, is this: I am not yet able, as the Delphic inscription has it, to know myself; so it seems to me ridiculous, when I do not yet know that, to investigate irrelevant things – Socrates (as attributed by Plato, referring to Socrates talk to Phaedrus about why he had no time for mythology and other obscure topics). (Phaedrus by Plato)

Socrates essentially uses “know thyself” in the context of this saying (as a retort to Phaedrus) that he hasn’t got time to study other things because he doesn’t even know himself yet. That is a very profound statement to be attributed to someone we have thought of through the ages as knowing so much and being so wise, so of course we assume he must have known himself already as a mere prerequisite.

“Know Thyself” was a Greek aphorism and a Delphic maxim inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The proverb is attributed to many great philosophers over time, from Chilon and Thales to Socrates and Heraclitus and several others, however it’s unknown who actually said it first. Plato in his writings attributes it often to lectures given by Socrates – but indicating that it was already well established wisdom.

The legend says that the adage was inscribed by the seven sages of ancient Greece who gathered at the temple and inscribed it, as essentially a warning, if not advice, that self-knowing is the real, true knowing, or knowledge, to be sought, the ultimate knowledge.

Through time, various scholars have attributed different interpretations of this passage. Some have said that it is basically an admonition – to not let your head become too enlarged, or too full or yourself or arrogant. In other words, to know your limitations, to know who you really are, not the giant that others might think you to be (this interpretation would seem applicable if directed towards kings and leaders, etc.).

Others have interpreted it to mean that one should know himself before trying to learn about others, or perhaps other deeply oblique topics. In other words – that it is difficult to know great truths when someone doesn’t even understand himself and who they are.

Conversely, it has been thought of as a bit of advice about how to actually arrive at understanding great truths, the path one should take. In other words – know yourself if you truly want to know how others operate, and how reality operates.

I think I particularly like the way Benjamin Franklin used the saying in his Poor Richard’s Almanac (from which he imparted a great many gems of wisdom usually veiled in wit and humor) when he wrote:

“There are three Things extremely hard, Steel, a Diamond, and to know one’s self.” Benjamin Franklin

By these many interpretations, I wonder if to “know thyself” is the foundation we should start with to all knowing (when we are young), or is it the ultimate goal, the reason for all other learning? Similarly, I think, perhaps it is circuitous and never ending, the more you know yourself, the more you will know other things, and vice versa. What do you think?


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