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I finished the Summer semester last week, I got a B in my Biology class (almost an A, darn it, but I’m happy with that B, very happy), and of course I got an A in the history class. That’s another 7 hours in the bag, so, I’m down to 3 classes left for this degree, but I’m taking more because I’m working on another degree and will finish my Masters. I’m registered for the fall and that begins in 2 1/2 weeks now.



Ok, so other than that, I’m working on so many side projects, work, and I am working on getting all the back end stuff done for the sites to move to my new server. Also, I’ve been running and working out every day as usual, with very few exceptions, I got another hour run done this afternoon (standard after-the-fact pic below, lol.) My legs were suffering today a bit, but just the lower leg flexors, not tendinitis, which is good, because this time last year I wasn’t so lucky. I have been running hard, an hour or two almost every day pretty solid since May (not that I ever stopped running from last year, but over the winter it was reduced with all the snow and other distractions). So, I’m about to do my weights then have to get several more things done before the evening is over. I am putting my story I had to write for the history class at the end of this Journal entry. It’s not something I’m that proud of, did it quick and dirty, but it had to be soooo long to meet the requirements we were given. This was part of the final, along with an on campus test over actual historical topics. The novel we had to write really belonged to a creative writing class I thought, but oh well, and here it is below. So that’s about all for now, more soon!

My good friend Adrianne came over on Friday and we finally used the brand new grill I’ve had sitting on my porch unused for over a year. We cooked steaks, watched the rest of Amadeus which we had started weeks before (last time she was over), and had a nice evening. Here are pics! 🙂

10482019_10154388775515582_7516512535002094476_o 10550053_10154388775680582_90176647399955561_o 10499614_10154388775595582_3460448773042944035_o

Adrianne Jackson
July 25
A wonderful steak dinner made for me by Christopher Swearingin, to celebrate the end of his summer finals..a wonderful evening! Thank you so much — with Christopher Swearingin.

Chris Swearingin on July 28, 2014

Chris Swearingin on July 28, 2014



Quote of the day: Going to church doesn’t make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car. Laurence J. Peter

2014-07-29 After my run - Chris Swearingin,

2014-07-29 After my run – Chris Swearingin,



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History Final Part I

History Final Part II

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