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What a week so far! Finals begin today and through next Thursday, but over this summer I’m taking two courses a bio course that was a requirement for my degree track that I had put off until I couldn’t anymore, and a history class that is an elective, it’s like the 4th History class I’ve taken but they are so easy for me I find one to pad my schedule for elective credit when I need something to balance the load, but at this point I only have 3 courses left to take so it’s getting hard to find anything else that I can take to balance out a semester, I haven’t even finished registering for the fall. I have one math class that I have left for my requirement that I’ve already registered for, but otherwise I’m trying to figure out what else I can add that might help on a masters track etc.

Anyway, with work and school I’ve still managed to get in an hour or two a day running and hitting weights hard everyday, but the other projects as far as the websites and new server will come into focus after next week (I have 3 1/2 weeks off between semesters) when I’ll free up those evenings to focus on the sites and intend to make some MAJOR progress on them during that little window or else it might not get done because then I’ll be out of free time again. So anyway, just taking a little breather, about to get back to work and then tonight I have to hit a long run and delts/traps/abs, then study study study for finals. I have a friend who lives in another city that went and got back in college this summer and is taking a math class that I had already taken a while back so have been helping with her by remote most nights on that, and it’s good because math is something forgotten sooooo easily, I mean the advanced formulas and ways to solve them (quadratic equations, polynomials, logarithmic functions, etc), so I’m glad to work advanced math problems any chance I get so I don’t lose it all again, especially since I’ll be taking my next to last math course this next semester (for her degree plan it’s only 2 math classes even though it’s an accounting degree, I’m jealous, but I’m on a scientific track so there’s a lot more needed).

Anyway, my finals are huge compared to hers it seems from what we talked about it, both of my classes have a 2 part final where one part is on campus or by proxy, and then there is another component like for the history class I have to write this enormous dissertation which I have to start on TODAY big time (her instructions for it alone are 3 pages, we have to do a bibliography and on and on, so you know it isn’t a little thing), and then the bio has a 2 part exam as well where there are 2 – 2 hour exams, jeeezzzzzzzzzzz, and that’s the one I really have to study for because there have been so many terms and in depth biology topics in this course (homologous chromosomes, meiosis, mitosis, rhizomes, vascular tissues, various life processes and organic structures, molecular formulas for respiration, processing mRna, dna template strands, on and on and on!!!!! The text book is 1000 pages and the study guide for the final just says “know chapters 1 through 40…that’s the entire book!!!!! So, I know it all pretty well at this point, but still, sooo much studying to do in the next few days so I’m confident about the 4 hours I’ll spend in exams for it next week. Ok, done complaining, lol, at least it’s almost over! woo hoo!)

So, about all I can think of at the moment, there’s so many other things happened in the past few weeks but can’t really think right now so I’ll probably add them to the next journal when I remember. Anyway, things are great and I sure love this weather!!!!!!!!!


7/8/14 Tuesday

Very busy lately, finals for the summer semester occur next week, and this week is the last push for getting in assignments for the last part of my classes. I’m doing great in my courses so I’m not concerned and then I will have a couple of weeks before the fall semester begins, where I’m taking a full course load there to as the last push to finish that degree, though I only have 3 courses left to finish it I’m already planning on the masters program I’ll be entering for another degree, I see no reason I won’t just push on to the doctorate at this point lol. We’ll see, at this point I’ve long since learned (again) to be on autopilot with school while I juggle other things. All the IT subjects have been easy for me, it was the gen eds that were less interesting earlier on that were difficult.

So I was out of town for a little while for work, I’ve been back for several days, but through it all I’ve been keeping up my workouts, I have gone longer than even last summer with not missing a run (I haven’t missed even one day of running at least one hour if not usually two, in weeks now), and I thought last year I had done good but this year I’ve topped it all and have added a lot of weight lifting. I slid backwards over the winter pretty rapidly I found, of course I had a bad influence and my diet went to crap again for several months there, though I never did stop running however with all the snow and all I did run a lot less and together all that had me losing some ground I felt but in the past couple of months with such intense daily workouts I’ve made up that ground, it’s amazing to me how quickly I can go either direction with my body now days, the wrong direction if I’m not careful, but going the right direction is so much easier to me the past few years than it was for several years before that when I went through a long lethargic period that I haven’t experienced thankfully in years. I have another hour run to get in today (I do 2 a day) and today is my “day II” where I do biceps & lats (I do a three day rotation, but I never miss a day so I hit body parts 2+ times per week). Luckily (knock on wood) my legs are holding out a lot better this year than last summer, when I started missing some runs because I was having real pain and problems with tendinitis cropping up, but I think I had just limited my diet too much and so wasn’t getting enough of the right proteins and minerals, but this year not for some reason, probably because I’m also body building a lot more so have upped my caloric intake to build muscle where as last year I was purely focused on reducing down to a very low level on my percentage of body fat which I did but I think the dietary restrictions I enforced just left my body in a bad way coping with the stress on my legs and I paid for that with the pain I went through in them during my runs, but this year my legs are perfect again, thankfully!

Quote of the day: There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not. Francois de La Rochefoucauld


After my run on July 13, 2014

After my run on July 13, 2014


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After my run on July 13, 2014 Sunday

After my run on July 13, 2014 Sunday

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