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Various News & Updates: in QR Code – If you have a QR Code scanner, you can use this code to visit, um, you know, if typing all those letters seems just too difficult, lol. There are free apps on your smartphone for this where you scan (take a pic) of a QR Code…um, for whatever reason (granted, it serves a purpose, just not necessarily in this case, this is just for fun and testing). QR Codes are like UPC bar codes revisited, only they can contain more information than a bar code. Anywho, just playing around with QR Codes for a work project) wcontent qrcode (1000x1000px) wcontent qrcode (120x120px) wcontent qrcode (60x60px)


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What a week, lots of updates to the site, make sure to check it out directly at I’m about to roll out the new, it’s just awesome some of the stuff I’ve developed for it, it’s going to be a far improvement over the one I had running up until a couple of years ago. More soon..



A few notes about using my chat app on If you create an account on, that will be your user name in chat (and your profile pic will show), or else you’ll just be issued a Guest name (though you can change it for that session if you want). You don’t have to hit the send button to send your message, you can just hit enter instead. Whoever is in the chat room, their name will show on the left side when in a page (or on top in the sidebar chat windows). If I’m in the chat room, well, I’m “Chris” and it will have my pic. If I’m not in the list, well, you’ll probably have to let me know by some other method to get into the room to chat with you. But, if you want to leave me a message you can type it on there, and I can get it when I do come back into the room – it will stay until I come back to the room, and vice versa if I leave a message for anyone. For now, anyone can type in the main room, if that becomes a problem, I’ll make it so only logged in/users with accounts can use it. If you want to do a private chat between you and someone, you can click on their name. You can click on the “Sound” word in lower right of the chat window to disable sounds. 

[quick-chat height=”400″ room=”default” userlist=”1″ userlist_position=”left” smilies=”0″ send_button=”1″ loggedin_visible=”1″ guests_visible=”1″ avatars=”1″ counter=”1″]






Go to Computer Magazine directly at (the below is a preview window into the site…)


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