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You have to create a login to post or comment on any post, and in order to view some (but not all) content. If you go to the home page (click on the swearingin logo in the top left corner to get back to the home page from wherever you are) and scroll down to the “SWEARINGIN.COM CONTROL PANEL” box – on the right hand column bar, there is a link that says “Register“. You click on that and go through the registration process and you will be able to create a login/password that then will allow you those abilities…

If you just want to be on the Swearingin.com mailing list and notified of updates, scroll all the way to the bottom of any page, in the lower left hand corner enter your email address into the box titled “

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  1. compuexperts says:

    Check out the bottom of any page for the Calendar and to sign up for our posting updates

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